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Why Emu Oil Feels So Right

Emu oil has no scent. It glides on and absorbs quickly, leaving your skin feeling soft and silky. While petroleum and plant based oils form a film on top of your skin and clog pores; Emu oil penetrates deep to deliver the natural bio-nutrients your skin needs to stay firm, healthy and radiant.

Emu Oil reverses signs of aging like wrinkles, thinning skin and sun damage; speeds the healing of burns, wounds, rashes and skin conditions and its anti-inflammatory properties reduce redness, swelling, muscle and joint pain. Give it a try - your body will thank you.

How can Emu Oil
Help You?
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Songline's Vision And Our Mission.

Our belief is that everyone deserves to live their life full of confidence, health and energy. We identify three basic responsibilities we all must accept to achieve this:

  1. Take personal responsibility for your health. You cannot hand that over to a Doctor, spouse or anyone else. The medical community is there to assist; but only you hold final accountability. It is your duty to yourself, your family and community to research and find solutions for every challenge you face and above all – never give up – believe there is a solution out there.

  2. Commit to removing unhealthy chemicals from your food and environment while helping your community heal the damage we've done to the planet. All life is linked.

  3. Strive to live a healthy, balanced life-style. Get plenty of exercise and sleep; eat a healthy diet; drink lots of water; relieve stress through meditation, gardening, fishing or whatever pursuits bring you contentment; work to improve all of your interactions with others and most especially your relationship with yourself – your divine spark, soul, spirit, sub-conscious or whatever you view that to be.

Songline’s mission is to bring you products, information and support to help you stay on track to achieve optimal health and a life worth living. Let’s get started.

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