Emu Oil for Itchy Dogs

Mr George Squigglemire

Mr George Squigglemire

This is my pal, Mr George Squigglemire. When George first joined my household at about 18 months of age, he was introduced to me as “Squiggy”. However, after a few weeks of that he clearly instructed me to call him “George”. I appended the Squigglemire to honor his birth name.

Those first few days with George were pretty rough because George was an “itchy dog”, continually scratching and chewing on himself. I assumed he had flees and did my best to bathe and spray him until we could get an appointment with the veterinarian. We were told there was no sign of flees, but that the breed (Shar Pei) is known to have extensive skin problems. We talked a bit about diet. Then she mentioned a fish oil gel caps for pets which I could administer with a simple jaw pry – throat pop – nose blow maneuver – I told her about Emu Oil (packed with Omega 3, 6 and 9) which my cat licks off my legs. We agreed to give it a try.

I gave George a measuring teaspoon of emu oil (he weighs 50 pounds) twice a day for a week, then cut that in half. He had actually stopped scratching by day 3 but still had some hot spots which I wanted to see fully healed. I did apply emu oil topically to the spots then kept his attention averted for a few minutes while the oil soaked in. I know emu oil stops the itch when I get bug bites or rashes – so I can only assume it made him feel better. That face of his doesn’t give a lot away.

Now I just give George a good size dollop on his food a couple of times a week for maintenance. If he starts to scratch, usually at a change of seasons, I put him back on a regular dosage for a week and he’s fine.

At bath time I haul George kicking, panting and whining into the shower and use our all natural dog shampoo bar with emu oil. I’m not going to try and tell you that he loves it – because he hates it. But I love the slightly less death deifying application of a bar soap rather than trying to open a shampoo bottle with my teeth while I hold his squiggling (finely figured out where he got his name) body under the water as his leash wraps around my legs. I also love the herbal scent and his coat is nice and shiny after. So if your dog or cat is suffering with any type of skin ailment – give our pet quality emu oil a try.

Added benefit will be reduced joint inflammation which also affects many of our pets and increase overall health.

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