How is your Emu Oil processed?

Our Oil is processed at LB Processors in Tennessee using a vacuum deodorizer. This technology is used most widely in food processing and has the longest history at being the most effective and efficient at producing the safest product. The Vacuum Deodorizer brings the oil to proper temperatures to insure sterilization. Baeacert-lgeing from an animal source, it is very important that emu oil is brought up to an acceptable temperature for a period of time to insure that any viruses, infections or bacteria that may have been picked up at the meat processing plant or other sources is removed.

Through our final process, our finished emu oil is handled specially to insure a creamy product with no separation. The whole process is done under GMP (General Manufacturing Practices) for food products. We have a small Lab on site to be able to perform process testing. This enables us to have a more consistent product by being able to adjust the process to the characteristics of the oil. All of our emu oil is processed according to the AEA Trade Rules and carries the American Emu Association Certified Fully Refined Seal.


Where does Emu Oil come from?

Our farm raised emu are processed at 12-14 months of age for their heart-healthy meat and other products. At that time there is a 3-4 inch layer of fat (approximately 20-25 pounds) along the bird's back between the skin and the muscle. This fat is rendered and refined.


How do I use Emu Oil?

For dry skin and mild rashes a small amount of pure Emu Oil can be applied directly to the area and lightly spread over the surrounding skin. A drop of Emu Oil will cover an area the size of the back of your hand. You do not need to rub Emu Oil in – it will absorb within a few minutes. Apply as needed.

For small wounds, burns and open rashes remember that fully refined Emu Oil is bacteriostatic (inhibits growth and reproduction of bacteria without killing them). You must be certain that the area is clean first. Then pure Emu Oil can be introduced by dropping right on the area or by applying it with a clean swab or applicator.


What is the Composition of Emu Oil?

Approximately 70% of the fatty acids in emu fat are unsaturated – Omega 3, 6 and 9. This composition is consistent with current recommendations for a "heart healthy" diet. Studies and testimonial have also shown these Omega Fatty Acids to lower bad cholesterol and triglyceride levels while increasing good cholesterol; reduce inflammation in body tissue and joints; improve the immune system and assist the body with many functions.

The monounsaturated fatty acid, oleic acid (Omega 9) is the major fatty acid in emu oil. This fatty acid is a known enhancer for transport of bioactive compounds into the skin, and thus the ability to be absorbed quickly and penetrate deeply when applied topically.
The overall composition of emu oil is very similar to our skin's own fatty acid composition.

Composition of Lipids in Emu Oil vs Human Skin
Fatty Acid Emu Oil Human Skin
Myristic 0.4 2.1
Palmitic 22.0 20.2
Stearic 9.6 11.2
Palmitoleic 3.5 3.8
Oleic 47.4 30.8
Linoleic 15.2 15.1
Linolenic 0.9 0.3

What are the Benefits of Emu Oil?

  • will not irritate even the most sensitive skin

  • does not clog pores, goes on light and absorbs immediately

  • hydrates and super-oxygenates to thicken skin and help hold moisture

  • plumps up your skin’s underlying layer reducing fine lines and wrinkles

  • relieves itching and inflammation

  • calms redness and lightens age spots

  • hastens healing and reduces scarring


Why is AEA Certified Oil Important?

aeacert-lgThe American Emu Association created a certification program which invites oil processors to submit a 3rd party lab analysis for each batch of fully refined oil to ensure composition, purity and stability. For batch approval to be granted analysis must fall within certain pre-established guidelines including stringent specifications for moisture (water), peroxide and free fatty acids.

These specifications ensure the emu oil is 100% pure (uncut) and grants a level of safety for the consumer. This level of refining will guarantee oil with a long shelf life of 4 to 5 years; free of bacteria, hormones, toxic metals, pesticides, viruses and infections.

Once approved a batch number is assigned which must be stamped or printed on each individual bottle or label which carries the AEA Certified logo. Always look for the AEA Certified Seal and batch number and be wary of imposters. Our oil’s batch analysis and information on the Certification program are posted on our site.


What does your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee mean?

Try any of our products and if you are not happy with the results return the unused portion within 60 days for a full product refund or credit toward another product - your choice. Does not include shipping and handling. We can only offer this because the products work so well, however we do recognize that every "body" is different and they don't all respond the same.


What Skin Disorders respond to emu oil?

Emu Oil's ability to deliver moisture and macro-nutrients to the skins very deepest levels enhances the body's ability to respond to many different skin conditions. Dr Barry Sears, renowned researcher and author believes that part of Emu Oil's power lies in its high level and wide variety of Eicosanoids (hormone like compounds) and refers to some of the healing mechanisms he has witnessed as the "X" factor. On a basic level we know these hormones trigger our bodies to increase blood flow to an area where the Emu Oil is applied. We also know that some of these hormones encourage the individual cells to soften their outer shells to allow more oxygen in and more toxins out. These two activities alone can significantly improve overall skin health. However, Dr. Sears speculates that we are only scratching the surface on what other benefits there may be. Emu oil has been noted to help relief the symptoms of Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea, Lupus, Shingles and many other pigment, pressure and fungal conditions.


Why is Emu Oil so good on burns?

Quoting Dr. Dan Dean, Mt Pleasant, Michigan physician, "I have used Emu Oil extensively in the treatment of first, second, and third degree burns. In my opinion, Emu Oil greatly contributes to skin health, providing major benefits to the patents. The complex properties and makeup of Emu Oil are exceptional for overall assistance to burn victims. I repeatedly see positive results, even in those with third degree burns"

How should I use Emu Oil on a burn?
If the burn is first degree – affecting only the outer layer of skin - we suggest applying Emu Oil immediately. From personal experience and feedback from our customers we can tell you that Emu Oil immediately reduces pain; it does not seal the burn or clog pores – but lets it breath; it reduces redness and in many cases burns that we were sure would blister never even did. Refined oil that has undergone molecular distillation is free of bacteria and is bacteriostatic – meaning it does not grow bacteria or fungi. It is not anti-bacterial however, meaning that it does not kill bacteria. As burns are always at risk of infection you should apply an antibacterial agent as soon as possible as well. Second degree burns covering more then 2-3 inches of skin and all third degree burns should be treated professionally. Discuss using Emu Oil with your physician. They will advise you based on the extent of the burn when you may apply the oil to enhance healing and reduce scarring.

Will Emu Oil help reduce scarring for older burns?
Emu oil works best to assist skin while healing to reduce the aggregation of platelets that comprise scarring. It has however softened and reduced redness in older scars.


What does Emu Oil have to do with Skin Care and Anti-Aging?

According to the beauty experts at Cosmedicine™, "There are many factors that contribute to the onset of lines and wrinkles. With age, skin cells divide slower and skin begins to thin. The network of Elastin and Collagen fibers, which support the skins's outer layer, begins to loosen and unravels, resulting in depressions on the skin's surface." Clinical studies revealed that Emu Oil applied twice a day, for a 14 day period was able to thicken skin an average of 14%. Dr. Leigh Hopkins, Clinical Professor of Pharmacy found that Emu Oil plumps and softens both the top layer of skin (epidermis) and also improves the quality of the skin in the lower levels (dermis) where new cells are generated.

What is the difference between using Pure Emu Oil and formulated skin products?
We always recommend starting out with pure Emu Oil – it is less expensive and totally natural, it absorbs quickly and it's capabilities are astonishing. However, many people prefer to apply a cream or lotion to oil; and if you are looking for deep moisturizing, creams and lotions actually provide an additional benefit, they provide a barrier to seal the skin and retain moisture. Pure Emu Oil is so similar to human skin that it is absorbed through multiple layers – a benefit of this is that it does not clog pores; a downside is that it does not leave any barrier on the skin to trap moisture. The creams and lotions have purified water added which hydrates cells and other oils which form the barrier.

Additionally many of the formulated skin care products contain amazing ingredients which further improve the skin's health and quality; and these ingredients are able to penetrate deep into the dermis thanks to the Emu Oil's carrier properties. To sum this up – I use both – creams and lotions during the day and pure oil at night. Studies have shown that top cell regeneration occurs between 2 and 5 am.

Will sensitive skin react to Emu Oil?
According to Alexander Zemstov, MD, MS, a double-blind study at the Indiana University School of Medicine concluded that the oil is "non-irritating, highly moisturizing and nurturing to the skin." From years of selling Emu Oil and its products to thousands of people, many of whom looked to Emu Oil because of sensitive skin and chemical allergies, I have come across only one person who developed a reaction and it was very mild.


Can you tell me more about the DuoFlex Pain Relief System?

How soon will I feel pain relief?

Step 1 DuoFlex Multi-Omega Gel caps give most people relief from inflammation within 3-4 days. However, depending upon the depth of deficiencies of EFA's in your system and in your diet it may take a couple of weeks before you notice results. Many people find that the changes are so subtle they don't recognize them until they suddenly realize that "aching spot" just doesn't ache like it used to – or they just did some activity or movement that "used to" make them hurt and now doesn't. But the results of the Multi-Omegas are so far reaching, wide-spread and long term that we shouldn't discount them because they take more time to work.

That's where Step 2 comes in. Applying the DuoFlex Topical Pain Relief formula will give you results within minutes. The Menthol will very quickly work to redirect your nerves to send an overriding message of "coolness" to the brain in place of the pain message it was sending. Then the Emu Oil and other ingredients will begin to relieve the inflammation, increase the blood flow and boost overall tissue health.

How often do I have to use these products?

The DuoFlex Multi-Omegas should be taken once a day (2 gel caps) and it's best done 30 minutes before or 30 minutes after taking other supplements, medications or food to ensure the optimum absorption into the digestive track and blood system.
DuoFlex Topical Pain Cream should initially be applied at least twice a day. Recommended before going to bed at night so that you can get a good night's sleep and first thing in the morning to get the blood flowing and the muscles loosening and relaxing. If you are experiencing continuous, deep pain apply the cream as needed up to 4 times in a 24 hour period. Additional application may cause skin irritation.

The reduced pain and increased mobility from the cream will build over time. When you have achieved a plateau of pain relief – start to decrease the applications. Most people will find over time that they need less and less of the Topical cream (as long as they continue with the Gel Caps) and will only need to apply it if they overwork the area.

Are there any harmful side effects?
This is our favorite question. To date there are no known harmful side effects from either of these products. There is one area of possible concern though that should be discussed with your Doctor. If you are taking any blood-thinners like Coumadin you should be aware that essential fatty acids can thin the blood as well as reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels. At these dosages the results will not be sudden – but you will want to share this information so that your Doctor can monitor changes and possibly decrease other medications over time. There are in addition many, many healthy side-effects.

• Improved skin, nail and hair condition
• Reduced constipation
• Increased energy levels
• Improved liver, kidney and gland function
• Improved behavioral changes
• Strengthened immune system resulting in fewer infections and illnesses and increased wound healing
• Improved digestive functions - reduced inflammation, bloating, allergies, autoimmune conditions and other problems related to "leaky gut"
• Improved nerve function – reducing tingling in arms and legs
• Improved vision
• Higher insulin resistance
• Decreased risk of weight problems
• Decreased cancer risk
• Decreased cardiovascular risk
• Improved ability to cope with stress
• Increased lung function and tissue oxidation

Will this interact with any of my current medications?

There are no known interactions however we do recommend that you check with your Doctor first. If you are taking anti-coagulants continue to test your blood levels regularly under your Doctors supervision because Essential Fatty Acids thin blood naturally.

What do all these natural ingredients do?

The first and foremost natural ingredient is the Emu Oil. In these applications it has a number of properties. In Step 1 its naturally occurring Omega 3, 6 and 9 Fatty acids and ATP work to relieve inflammation from the inside-out (without the worry of mercury contamination and fish-burps that Fish Oils carry) as well as boost many other body functions to ensure greater overall health. In Step 2 it works the same to relieve inflammation and additionally as a superior trans-dermal delivery system to transport the other natural ingredients through the skin and into your system.

Arnica herb - commonly called leopard's bane. Arnica works by stimulating the activity of white blood cells that perform much of the digestion of congested blood, and by dispersing trapped, disorganized fluids from bumped and bruised tissue, joints and muscles. This homeopathic medicine has been used for hundreds of years to reduce inflammation and decrease pain.

Capsicum – genus of plants which produce fruit known as chili peppers. Seeds from the chili peppers contain a compound called Capsaicin which causes a warming sensation. Capsaicin works by depleting your nerve cells of a chemical called substance P, which is important for sending pain messages from trauma, arthritis and muscle or cartilage problems to your brain. Reduce substance P and reduce the pain signal.

Marigold Extract - contains a number of bioactive steroid-like compounds which have anti-inflammatory properties. A recent report indicated that pro-inflammatory mediators were inhibited by these compounds. The report further went on to report that these were attractive molecules to study as a potential anti-arthritic agent.

MSM (methyl-sulfonyl-methane) - an organic and naturally occurring form of sulfur. It is an essential mineral meaning one which your body cannot produce and must be brought in through diet. MSM plays an important role in tissue structure and cell permeability allowing oxygen into the cell and toxins out.

Willow Bark - contains salicylic acid which lowers the body's levels of prostaglandins, hormone like compounds that can cause aches, pain, and inflammation.

Witch Hazel Extract – long used by Native Americans to relieve swelling and pain. Recent studies indicated that compounds isolated from witch hazel inhibited inflammatory mediators. When these "mediator compounds" were quelled, so was inflammation.

Do I have to use this product forever?

Because of all of the health benefits to be derived from increasing your intake of Essential Fatty Acids we believe that you should consider taking the DuoFlex Multi-Omega Gel Caps forever or at least for an extended period of time. It is our greatest hope and we will look forward to working with you further to insure that through the short term use of the DuoFlex Topical Pain Relief Product and an increased focus on lifestyle choices such as diet, exercise and stress management you will not need to use the Topical Cream for long. You will probably always want to have some on hand for tough days, short term injuries or just to warm up muscles and joints before heavy activity. As you continue with your automatic delivery you will be able to adjust the amount of DuoFlex Topical Pain Cream shipped according to your specific needs.


What is the difference between DuoFlex and Mzone Megapain?

Mzone was one of the first Emu Oil based pain relief products we tried and we fell in love with it. It is basically pure Emu Oil with a wallop of menthol – we call it "Bengay on steroids". It packs a punch of pain relief especially for short term muscle pulls and sprains. I recommend it highly for sports enthusiasts. Its down-side is that some people don't care for the strong smell of menthol.

DuoFlex is our own formulation, based on the CryoGel formula and created by the same lab. It has been slightly altered to enhance its performance yet again, and to meet over-the-counter criteria for FDA approval as a pain relief cream. All who have tried it so far claim it's the best formula yet.

Additionally, based on our years of customer feed back we have found that those customers who used both topical Emu Oil based pain cream and ingested the Emu Oil gel caps received the greatest relief from chronic pain. Our DuoFlex Pain Relief System incorporates the two products as a powerful two step approach to breaking the pain cycle.

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