Why is Emu Oil so good on burns?

Quoting Dr. Dan Dean, Mt Pleasant, Michigan physician, "I have used Emu Oil extensively in the treatment of first, second, and third degree burns. In my opinion, Emu Oil greatly contributes to skin health, providing major benefits to the patents. The complex properties and makeup of Emu Oil are exceptional for overall assistance to burn victims. I repeatedly see positive results, even in those with third degree burns"

How should I use Emu Oil on a burn?
If the burn is first degree – affecting only the outer layer of skin - we suggest applying Emu Oil immediately. From personal experience and feedback from our customers we can tell you that Emu Oil immediately reduces pain; it does not seal the burn or clog pores – but lets it breath; it reduces redness and in many cases burns that we were sure would blister never even did. Refined oil that has undergone molecular distillation is free of bacteria and is bacteriostatic – meaning it does not grow bacteria or fungi. It is not anti-bacterial however, meaning that it does not kill bacteria. As burns are always at risk of infection you should apply an antibacterial agent as soon as possible as well. Second degree burns covering more then 2-3 inches of skin and all third degree burns should be treated professionally. Discuss using Emu Oil with your physician. They will advise you based on the extent of the burn when you may apply the oil to enhance healing and reduce scarring.

Will Emu Oil help reduce scarring for older burns?
Emu oil works best to assist skin while healing to reduce the aggregation of platelets that comprise scarring. It has however softened and reduced redness in older scars.

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