Pure Emu Oil

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  • Size: 1, 2, 4 and 16 oz.
  • Emu Oil: 99.95% + 05% Vit. E.

All Bottles include a pump for easy application. 

When you apply Emu Oil to your skin something will instantly tell you that this “just feels right”. Emu Oil is quickly absorbed into your skin because your skin recognizes a composition so similar to its own. Emu Oil will not clog your pores and is hypo-allergenic. As it penetrates deeply into underlying tissue it moisturizes and delivers bio-nutrients to support healthy new cell growth. Consider it a nutritional supplement for your skin.


Benefits of Emu Oil

  • Will not irritate even the most sensitive skin

  • does not clog pores, goes on light and absorbs immediately

  • hydrates and super-oxygenates to thicken skin and help hold moisture

  • plumps up your skin’s underlying layer reducing fine lines and wrinkles

  • relieves itching and inflammation

  • calms redness and lightens age spots

  • hastens healing and reduces scarring


    Hear What Our Customers Have to Say!

    "I received my order today. I love the smaller bottle for carrying in my purse. This way I can show other people how great this oil is for your skin. I gave the catalogue to a gentleman who has pain in his legs (which I believe is from sciatica) I explained to apply the products on his sciatic nerve, not the leg. Hope fully he will heed my advice. Thanks again for your wonderful customer service."  Elinor Obligacion CMS

    "I am amazed at the results using emu oil on my eyelids for allergy induced eczema. I had tried several prescribed medications/over the counter remedies and this is the only thing that worked! My thanks." Janice M. Rock Hill SC

    "Thanks very much for your clear explanation! I've just received my three bottles of emu oil (very quick) and I put it on right away and my skin looks and feels better already! I'm very pleased I've found your great line of products! Thanks again, you are very kind." Janda Mooijweer

    "Wow. I am stunned! I am a sun worshiper and a smoker and I'm only 30 years old. Although I have been vain in my youth, I am conscious of my photo aging. I ordered 1 oz. of pure emu oil from your website. In less than a week I have seen the benefits of using this product. Thank you, thank you, thank you." Cheryl B Arizona

    "I have stopped using retin A at night and just use the emu-oil instead. Emu oil definitely plumps up the skin and you don't have to worry about sun exposure. Thanks again." Elinor, Arizona

    "In the beginning I was using the oil itself to heal skin. The fact is that emu oil really is therapeutic in keeping a moisture barrier within the skin so that it doesn't dry and crack . . . The basic premise is that no topical medication can work until it has penetration into the skin. And it has been proven that emu oil has incredible penetration properties. So whatever substance you put with the emu oil you will get penetration and will obtain the best therapeutic effect. That is why emu oil is so good, it's a natural emollient, skin softener, with tremendous texture." Dr. Bernard J. Hersh, Podiatrist

    "Just wanted you to know that my family is really enjoying using the emu oil an d products. Now mind you, I am sharing with people close to me. How I wish I had purchased the 32 oz. My dad has been massaging his feet and has gotten relief from the itching he has had to bear for years." Ann R. Florida

    "My red itchy bleeding eczema healed to a point where you could no longer tell I ever had a problem. In some places it had been as thick as a man's belt." David, Iowa

    "Well, I must order another bottle of the Emu oil from you. I have a client who has been using the oil on a bad case of psoriasis and it's been helping to alleviate the itching and redness, so they want a whole litre." Debbie, UK


How Do I Tell Which Emu Oil Is Best?

When you are looking to buy the best emu oil look first to know your source.  Small U.S. farms that use sound natural practices will produce the highest quality fat and studies have shown that emu raised in Northern climates produce fat with higher penetration and anti-inflammatory properties. Remember that fatty tissue is used to store excess toxins; Emu raised without hormones, unnecessary antibiotics, chemical pesticides or herbicides provide the cleanest fat. Further look for rendering and refining practices. The American Emu Association created a certification program where 3rd party lab analysis is used to ensure composition, purity and stability of the oil.  Always look for the AEA Certified Seal.

Each bottle of our farm's oil  contains AEA Certified 100% Pure Emu Oil with .05% Vitamin E added as a natural preservative. Lab analysis available upon request.

How Does Emu Oil Work?

Emu Oil is almost 100% triglyceride lipid. Triglycerides (a type of fatty compound) are abundant in human skin lipids, meaning that the composition of fatty acids in human skin is very similar to that of emu oil. This makes the absorption of emu oil into human skin faster and more effective.

Emu Oil contains abundant Omega 3 and 6 and is also high in oleic acid (Omega 9), which increases its ability to encapsulate and carry other compounds through the skin.

Emu Oil, unlike petroleum and many plant based oils, does not contain phospholipids. The presence of phospholipids causes many oils to coat the skin’s surface and plug pores.   Emu Oil allows your skin to breath.

Emu Oil Complements Cancer Treatments

Emu Oil has been shown to significantly reduce some of the negative side-effects of radiation, chemotherapy, surgery and prescription medications all used during cancer treatment.

Emu Oil and Radiation Treatment

Radiation treatment causes excessive dryness, irritation, thinning and burns to the skin which can be very uncomfortable and may even limit treatment. Clinical research has proven that emu oil can:

1. Increase the Thickness of Skin

Dr. Leigh Hopkins (Clinical Professor of Pharmacy with degrees in biochemistry as well as a doctorate in pharmacy) conducted clinical trials using Emu Oil that revealed an increase in skin thickness of 9.9 to 10.6%. Based on that and other research many believe that a twice daily application of emu oil weeks or even days before treatment will improve the skin's overall health making it better able to retain moisture and withstand the ionizing effects of radiation.

2. Speed the Healing of Burns

Harner Burn Center (affiliated with the Texas Tech University Medical Center, Lubbock) conducted a four-six month study to analyze the potentially effective involvement of emu oil in the healing process of burn wounds. In a summary report to the American Burn Association they stated "Emu oil has been reported to have significant anti-inflammatory effects, and has been used both in cosmetics and therapeutic vehicles. This experiment was conducted to evaluate emu oil as a lubricant as an aid in reducing scar formation in healed burned wounds. Ten patients were evaluated in a randomized double blind study for a minimum of 6 months. Patients served as their own control by utilizing bilateral wound areas for application of emu oil (New Discoveries, Inc. Florence, MS) and the placebo lubricant on independent sites respectively. Patients were instructed to apply both lotions daily on an as-needed basis ... Emu treated areas healed significantly better (p<0.02) than control in photo analysis."

Testimonials from our customers strongly support that topical application of emu oil right after each radiation treatment, and daily after (alone or in conjunction with prescribed creams like aquaphor, biofine and silvadene) significantly reduced their burns.

Additionally, many feel that using the oil for 2 weeks prior to their first treatment put their skin in prime condition to handle radiation.

Most radiation oncology facilities will stand neutral on the use of emu oil as a patient's personal choice. However, we have recently begun to receive "informal" recommendations from a number of centers.

Emu Oil and Chemotherapy

Intestinal mucositis is a serious disorder resulting from chemotherapy. A recent study published in Australia identifies Emu Oil as a product with the capacity to decrease the severity of intestinal injury from these conditions.

In the forward and executive summary they state "Mucositis is a debilitating condition which occurs as a side effect of chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy which can drastically reduce the quality of life for cancer patients undergoing treatment . It is one of the most important factors in morbidity and mortality of patients undergoing treatment for cancer, as severe mucositis can lead to malnutrition and systemic infection."

"The current study, utilizing a Bio-active Emu Oil prepared by a novel rendering and filtration process, identifies Emu Oil as a product with the capacity to decrease the severity of intestinal injury from these conditions. This Emu Oil has also demonstrated the ability to improve growth of the damaged intestine, extending to effects in the inflamed colon (large intestine). These findings suggest a new mechanism of action for Emu Oil, expanding the spectrum of bowel disorders for which Emu Oil may have therapeutic application".

Customer testimonials concerning intestinal mucositis, as well as Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Chrohns disease all support Emu Oil's ability to relieve symptoms of intestinal inflammation.

Prescription Medication and Joint Pain

Women with hormone sensitive breast cancer are frequently treated with oral medications to lower their estrogen effect or to stop estrogen production altogether. Estrogen has a moisturizing effect on body tissues, and the lack of hormone effect caused by these treatments often is experienced as dry, irritated joints. Topical Emu Oil or Emu Oil based pain formulations applied over areas of inflammation have been shown to reduce these symptoms.

Biopsy, Surgery and Reconstruction

While some of the benefits of emu oil mentioned above may be new to our customers - most of you are already aware of, and have personally experienced, the nearly miraculous healing of wounds and surgical incisions with minimalized scarring.

Studies have indicated that emu oil works best if application is begun 24-48 hours after surgery. Applied too quickly its anti-inflammatory properties may even delay healing, applied too late and scar tissue may have already begun to build up.

However, many customers have reported loosening and softening of older scar tissue years later. So its never too late to enjoy the benefits of emu oil.

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