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Amazing Amusing Emus Book
Amazing Amusing Emus

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If you've ever wondered what Emu Farming was all about - we have a new book for sale, written by Elizabeth Thwing - "Amazing Amusing Emus". This book highlights the activites of our farm, Songline Emu Farm in Western MA: breeding, egg collections, hatching, etc as well as presenting extensive research into the history of the Emu and its place in today's farming industry.

The book is full of wonderful pictures and targets the young reader (9 and up), but it's still fascinating reading for curious adults. Remember - KIDS LOVE EMUS. Please consider this as an "Amazing Amusing Gift".

Chapter 1 - An Emu Breaks Out "Stanley Johnson's on high alert in his farmhouse basement as he checks his hatching boxes for the third time today. Suddenly, a quick wobble catches his eye. The jiggle comes from one of the giant midnight-green eggs behind the hatcher's glass door. Stan's ears tune in for whistles and cheeps, but he hears nothing yet. The eggs look like super-large avocadoes, but inside are emu chicks that have grown too big for their shells. They feel cramped in the tight space, and they're ready to break out. Stan, clad in jeans and a flannel shirt, keeps tabs on the birthing chicks and tends to all the other birds in his flock as well. He seems to possess a sixth sense about his emus' needs."

Chapter 2 - Strange Connections "SOLVING THE PUZZLE - Do you think today's gentle emu is related to the might dinosaur Tyrannosaurus rex? Come follow the zig-zag trial to find the answer, If starts in 1861 when German scientists discovered the unbelievable Archaeopteryx fossil. The name meant "ancient wing" and these scientist had never seen a fossil containing such a strange combination of animal types. When the exciting news reached England, Thomas H. Huxley, a well-respected biologist, hurried to examine it for himself. He noted that the strange fossil had a wishbone, wings and feathers like a bird. But it also displayed teeth and a long tail like a reptile. How odd."

Chapter 4 - The Mechanical Mr. Mom "What if someone asked you to babysit for 50 emu chicks that had recently hatched? Would you find tending to that many scooting, scrambling, ten-inch-tall birds a recipe for trouble? Stan and Dee Dee know the challenges well. And they've designed a plan that reduces stress on the chicks and themselves. They remove eggs from the fridge, one batch of twelve at a time, and allow them to warm to room temperature. The newly formed embryos in the eggs are definitely alive, but like a video on "pause," they seem frozen in time. Unable to generate their own body heat, they can't grow and develop. They crave added warmth to trigger their biological clocks."

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