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Benefits of Emu Oil

Bottle of Pure Emu OilI know - you've heard about emu oil and it sounds like snake oil. How can one product give so many amazing results? Basically it's because Emu Oil is very similar in composition of human tissue. Emu Oil has many of the same fatty acids and bio-nutrients, so it's able to supplement your body with the proteins, vitamins, anti-oxidents, minerals and compounds it needs to be healthy. Not only does it penetrate through top layers of tissue but when combined with other ingredients the Omega 9 is able to encapsulate and deliver them where needed.

Because it works on such a basic biological level it's able to help your body with many processes. When applied to skin - it soothes, moisturizes, reverses damage and rejuvenates; when taken internally - it delivers Omegas (replacement for fish oil) and other nutrients needed to support your heart, digestive and immune systems and counter inflammation. The following is a list of recognized benefits of Emu Oil:

  • reduces pain and inflammation
  • will not irritate even the most sensitive skin
  • does not clog pores, goes on light and absorbs immediately
  • hydrates and super-oxygenates to increase thickness of skin and help hold moisture
  • plumps up your skin’s underlying layer reducing fine lines and wrinkles
  • relieves itching and inflammation
  • calms redness and lightens age spots
  • hastens healing and reduces scarring