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Songline Affiliate Program - Spread the word AND be rewarded.

If you love emu oil, and products enhanced with emu oil, you probably enjoy sharing the news with others. Why not earn some extra money doing so? Join our new Affiliate Program and do both. All you need is a web site, blog, Facebook business page or other marketing media!

When you sign up you'll get a unique affiliate code that will track the customers you send our way. We do the rest from there! Customers click on the link to order our emu oil products using your affiliate code. We process the order, ship the package, and pay you a commission on the sale. If you don’t have a website, blog or Facebook page you can still do this by giving your referrals a special url code (see below in links?) or placing orders for them on your computer using your code.

Learn more about this great program by reading through our Frequently Asked Questions

How much commission will I earn?
Sales generated from customers entering our site by way of your unique affiliate link will be registered in your affiliate account. You will earn a commission of 15% on the product total of all orders registered in your affiliate account. Commissions are not paid on sales tax or shipping & handling charges. Commissions will be paid on successfully completed orders only. For example: If a customer’s credit card is denied, the order is canceled or returned, or the order cannot be successfully processed for any other reason, then no commission shall be paid.

How to I link to your website?
You can link to our store using banners or by creating text links using the info below. Songline provides banners in 3 sizes you can imbed in you online site (Square – 250 x 250px; Vertical – 180 x 600px; Horizontal – 120 x 240px:

You will find the links to these banners in your affiliate account after you sign up for the program.

Vertical - 180 x 600 px

We can also custom design a banner for you for $50.00, or will do so for free after you reach $200.00 in earnings.

Or you can link by text using the following url links: These are not live links

Link to home page:
replace “XXXX” with your affiliate code number (your code may be 1 -6 digits long)

Link to article:
replace “XXXX” with your affiliate code number (your code may be 1 -6 digits long)
replace “87” with article ID found in url at top of article page

Link to product:
replace “XXXX”with your affiliate code number (your code may be 1 -6 digits long)
replace "ABCXYZ” with the code for the product you want to link to, found in url at top of product page just prior to “.htm”.

Example Pure Emu Oil

How are payments made?

All payments at this time are made using PayPal. If you don't have a PayPal account you can create one for free by visiting We make payments quarterly by the 15th of the next month as long as you have a balance due of over $50.00. So payments for January – March sales will be cut by April 15.

Is there a minimum order amount?
There are no order/volume minimums to remain an affiliate; however you must receive at least $50.00 in commissions in order to receive payment. Earnings will accumulate until the $50.00 minimum is reached.

Can I place orders myself using my affiliate code?
Absolutely. As long as the $50.00 earnings minimum from other referrals is met, you will receive commission on your own orders too.

Is there a signup fee?
No. This costs you nothing but your time and any effort you want to put into marketing tools like business cards with your url on them.

How do I access my account?
Log into your account at top of page and scroll down to Visit My Affiliate Page. All your activity is shown there as well as links to banner and link generation.

Do I get paid if my referral customers call or mail in catalog order sheets?
Unfortunately we do not have a way of crediting you if they call us. Your referrals MUST come in through your affiliate url. However, if you have referrals that do not use a computer you can place orders for them on your own computer using your affiliate url.

How do I cancel my account?
You can cancel your affiliate account at any time by simply sending an email to customer with the cancellation request. You will still be entitled to any earnings you have earned up until the point of cancellation. After your affiliate account has been canceled, however, you will not receive any future earnings even if an order is placed using your affiliate code.

More information
For more information or for any questions you may have email us at We'd be happy to help you get set up.

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