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DuoFlex Emu Oil MultiOmega Gel Caps

Benefits to Ingesting Emu Oil

  • Reduce pain and inflammation in joints and muscles.
  • Improve cholesterol levels by increasing HDL cholesterol and decreasing LDL and VLDL cholesterol.
  • Decrease blood triglyceride levels.
  • Decrease blood pressure which indirectly increases exercise capacity.
  • Provide significant energy to your heart and other organs which in turn boosts your metabolism and increases fat burn-off.
  • Reduce the inflammation of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Colitis and Crohn's disease. Soothe and repair the damage done to the colon.
  • Relieve symptoms of premenstrual disorders including breast pain, premenstrual tension, bloating, depression, and irritability .
  • Contribute to substantial improvement in mood regulation, increased mental focus and overall brain chemistry

DuoFlex Multi-Omega Emu Oil Gel Caps contain the highest concentration of essential fatty acids you can find, in an optimum blend of omega - 3, 6, 7, 9 and 21 other fatty acids and bio-nutrients that is nearly identical to the fat profile of the human body. These capsules are filled with Pure Emu Oil from birds raised in the USA and certified by the American Emu Association to address chronic inflammation, maintain cardiovascular health, promote a healthy digestive tract and immune system.

DuoFlex Multi-Omega Emu Oil Gel Caps offer all of the benefits of fish and krill oils with none of the problems like fish burps, ocean contaminants, and depleted fish populations. Emu oil is comprised of approximately 70% unsaturated fatty acids. This composition is consistent with current recommendations for a heart healthy diet.

What is in Emu Oil?

Beyond the Omega Fatty Acids, Emu Oil contains a number of active bio-nutrients such as Vitamin K2. Emu oil has recently been discovered to contain nearly as much of the elusive form of vitamin K2, MK-4, per 100 grams as goose liver pate (the 2nd highest source known, Natto - Japanese fermented soybeans is the first). Studies have shown that vitamin K2 (MK-4) may help in fighting against cancer and Alzheimer's disease. Some other important associated benefits may include maintenance of bone density, prevention of osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases and even a reduction in wrinkles. A recent U.S. study demonstrated that there is a strong inverse relationship between heart attack mortality and vitamin K2 (MK-4 to MK-10). A similar study was carried out in the Netherlands on about five thousand males. The study results showed that men with the highest consumption of K2 had a tremendously lower heart attach mortality (about 51%) and a lower risk of death (26%) from all causes as compared to control group which was consuming the least amount of K2.

Emu oil gel caps are considered to be the best and cleanest source available for the Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids (those fatty acids which the body cannot manufacture on its own and must obtain from our diets). Emu oil also has a high concentration of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). This compound is the energy resource your body uses to convert the EFA's into specific substances called prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are tissue-like hormones that control all bodily functions at the cellular level. Essential fatty acids have been proven to stimulate the body's metabolism and increase the body's ability to burn stored saturated fats. The Omega 9 essential fatty acid is high in anti-inflammatory properties and produces a satiate response that helps give you the feeling of fullness. Emu oil gel caps are also quite effective to aid and control the symptoms of diabetes and can also be an effective aid to weight loss EFAs are a natural part of the lining of our cells and play a part in almost every function of our body. 

They are the conduit through which oxygen transfer occurs in the human body. Oxygen transfer to red blood cells is the process by which food and oxygen are turned into the energy required to sustain life.

Essential Fatty Acid Deficiency Symptoms

  • Arthritis-like conditions Muscle and Tissue inflammation
  • Fatigue, weakness and low metabolic rate
  • Heart and circulatory problems High triglycerides,
  • High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure
  • Brain Fog and Mood irregularities Behavioral disturbances
  • Impairment of vision and learning ability
  • Dry skin and Eczema-like skin eruptions
  • Hair Loss Failure of wound healing
  • Edema, Swelling Tingling sensations in arms and legs
  • Motor in-coordination
  • Susceptibility to infections

So here it is - a powerfully absorbable, natural nutritional supplement with the essential fatty acids of Omega 3, 6 and 9, boosted by Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP).

What are the side-effects of Emu Oil?How does it react with other Medications?

Emu Oil is a food, not a drug. It does, however, contain natural blood thinning compounds. People who are taking prescription blood thinners are advised to discuss this with their doctor and monitor their blood levels. At this time we do not know of any other interactions with prescription medications.

Ingredients: 100% AEA Certified Pure Ultra Emu Oil in New Liquid Cap for improved absorption.

Ninety 750 mg caps per bottle. 45 day supply.

Directions: As a dietary supplement take two to three capsules daily with water. To address health issues 3 capsules daily, for general wellness 2 may suffice. You should find your own unique dosage.

Warnings: Available research, historical use, and customer feedback show that Emu Oil supplements appear to be well tolerated with minimal side effects. A possible allergic reaction could still occur whose symptoms could be shortness of breath, itching, hives or nausea. People taking anticoagulants (blood thinners) should monitor blood levels with their physician as Omegas are also powerful blood thinners. Keep out of reach of children. Store out of direct sunlight and at a cool temperature. If an allergic reaction occurs discontinue use.

**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. "



40 Reviews

  • 4
    Gel caps

    Posted by LynAnn Warner, Chetek, WI United States on Feb 2nd 2017

    I was suffering with bursitis in both hips for some time. I also have had joint and muscle pain for 13 years with menopause. I have tried many different products with no or very little results. My neighbor had told me about emu oil she had used topically with good results. I'm a skeptic so I brushed it off. When the bursitis started and couldn't get any relief I decided to give it a try. When I found your products on line I decided to try the 100% Pure Emu Oil topically and the DUOFLEX MULTI-OMEGA GEL CAPS orally. I'm taking the gel caps 3 times a day and applyng the oil on my hips and feet twice a day. One night while at work I was walking and suddenly realized my feet were not hurting and my hips felt better. Was it coincidence or was your product working? I'm continuing with the product with good results. I'm not pain free but much better. I will continue to see if I get more results.

  • 1
    DuoFlex Gel Caps

    Posted by Cindy Mead, Bondsville, MA United States on Dec 22nd 2016

    So far still have alot of pain unfortunately see no difference when taking this product. I took it for a week.. 4 a day. Same with gel product... Didn't notice any change.

  • 5
    Duo Flex - Omega Gel Caps

    Posted by Doreen Stephens, Jacksonville, FL United States on Dec 13th 2016

    I have been using these GelCaps for years. They help keep my osteoarthritis in my knees in check. Great combination of supplements.

  • 5
    Not sure what I'm suppose to feel

    Posted by Jani Ireland, Clarksville, IN United States on Nov 28th 2016

    Your product and your service was EXCELLENT! As always! Merry Christmas ladies :)

  • 3
    Good stuff!

    Posted by Charlene E, Drummonds, TN United States on Oct 8th 2016

    I am on my second bottle and I take it in place of fish oil.

  • 5
    Gel caps were hot and clear when delivered.

    Posted by Barbara B, PA on Sep 6th 2016

    Been taking these gel caps for a couple of years now and will continue to order them. I believe they help my husband and myself. Give them a try yourself.

  • 2
    horse pills

    Posted by MARTIN STANDARD, AUSTELL, GA United States on Sep 6th 2016

    When I opened my gel caps they were clear and had bubbles in them. Normally they arrive somewhat milky. Not sure if this has an effect on the quality. Only time will tell if they work as they have before.

    Hey Martin: Just wanted to get back to you on this. Emu Oil is alot like coconut oil in that it starts to solidify around 65 degrees and really clarifies over 80 degrees. In winter emu oil can arrive very white and thick and in summer thin and clear. Since the gel caps are clear you can really see the difference. The oil is very stable though and especially encapsulated like that I don't think it has taken any harm, however, it may be better to preorder a 6 month supply next spring before the weather does heat up to take heat out of the equation. Thanks - Dee Dee

  • 4
    DuoFlex Multi-Omega Gel Caps

    Posted by Deborah Colligan, Punta Gorda, FL United States on Sep 3rd 2016

    I have just started taking the gel caps and find that they have helped with some joint inflammation. So far so good. They are really big to swallow. Not sure how this can be remedied in order to keep getting the proper amount. Hmmm

  • 5
    Love This Product!

    Posted by Dianne Lamore, Baldwinville, MA United States on Aug 15th 2016

    I like the gel caps I use them like I would use the omega oil.

  • 5
    Recent order

    Posted by Janet, Pine Hill, NJ United States on Aug 14th 2016

    Had recent back surgery and it helped healing the inflammation and scar tissue.

  • 5
    Time will tell

    Posted by Jani Ireland, Clarksville, IN United States on Aug 8th 2016

    The service and the products were awesome, as always. Many thanks ladies :)

  • 4
    feel better

    Posted by Charlene Eaton, Drummonds, TN United States on Aug 4th 2016

    I haven't been taking these long so I'm not sure how well it works. I was told by my eye doctor to take some Omega 3 oil for dry eyes and opted for this. Next trip to the doctor we will see if this helped.