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A5.Why is AEA Certified Oil Important?
Last Updated: 05/11/2018

AEA Certified Oil

The American Emu Association created a certification program which invites oil processors to submit a 3rd party lab analysis for each batch of fully refined oil to ensure composition, purity and stability. For batch approval to be granted analysis must fall within certain pre-established guidelines including stringent specifications for moisture (water), peroxide and free fatty acids. These specifications reflect quidelines defined in the Emu Oil Guidelines and ensure the emu oil is 100% pure (uncut) and grants a level of safety for the consumer. For more information on the AEA Certification Program ...

This level of refining will guarantee oil with a long shelf life of 4 to 5 years; free of bacteria, hormones, toxic metals, pesticides, viruses and infections. Once approved a batch number is assigned which must be stamped or printed on each individual bottle or label which carries the AEA Certified logo. Always look for the AEA Certified Seal and batch number and be wary of imposters. You can ask me at any time for the batch analysis on oil you purchase.

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