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Emu Oil Reviews and Customer Testimonials From Our Site

These are our most recent reviews. You can also find individual product reviews at the bottom of each product page.

Pure Emu Oil - We love the emu oil. Use daily on our arms and legs and face. Bought a bottle for 92 year old Father in law for his skin which was tearing so easily.... no tears or scrapes for a year....!! Just mixed it with turmeric powder to put on our elder dogs yeast sores which came up suddenly and were awful and so tender. Applied 2x daily for 4 days... scabs fell off and his skin is clear. Love emu. Debra Cofer Florida, FL United States 02/13/2018

Emu Lip “Bomb” - Great lip moisturizer. I can't say enough about this lip balm. My lips are always very dry and lacked natural coloring. It allows my lips to stay hydrated and retain its own natural healthy color. Massillon, OH United States 02/07/2018

Pure Emu Oil – Melts into skin and hair This oil is great for skin as well as hair. I like the moisturizing properties and the way it disappears without leaving a oily residue. I add it to shampoo, conditioners, and sometimes I use it as a moisturizer all by itself. I haven't used it long enough to experience all that it is capable of doing but so far I am well pleased. Massillon, OH United States 02/07/2018

???? - Not a fan. I don't like the way it feels on my skin. It does not penetrate at all. It does not mean it won't work for someone else but just not for my skin care needs. Massillon, OH United States 02/07/2018

DuoFlex Gel Caps- Betsy Somers COLUMBIA, CT United States 02/05/2018

Pure Emu Oil - This Emu Oil is of wonderful quality. However I only gave it 4 stars because it comes in a plastic bottle and I would prefer glass. 02/03/2018

Pure Emu Oil - Love love love this stuff!! I truly believe this is the miracle drug-it works on everything, every body part, face, cuts, aches and pains and on and on. So gentle and pretty much fragrance free. Does not go on oily and dries very fast. This is a must have. Nancy Digiovanni Fleming Island, FL United States 02/01/2018

Pure Emu Oil - Non-Greasy Moisturizer. This is the best moisturizer I have ever used. Non-greasy, and makes my skin glow. I love that it is pure emu.
Corinna Frye Naples, FL United States 01/26/2018

Pure Emu Oil - Keeping Supplied with SL emu oil. I ordered my latest bottle of Songline Emu Oil to make sure I have 2 full ones on hand as I am using it for healing and clearing of age spots. It is so easy to order and have quick shipping from Songline, the best, certified oil I have ever used! Mary Wier Chatanooga, TN United States 01/17/2018

Duo Flex System is Wonderful Stuff! My close friend is arthritic, so when I read about your products I thought of her and ordered your Duo Flex System for her to try. That was a week ago. Today she called to thank me and to praise the Duo Flex System! She told me it really has made a difference. She rubs the lotion on her knees and fingers and takes two of the “horse pills”; when she gets up in the morning and before she goes to bed at night. So now I'm ordering her some more! Many thanks! RCM New York, NY United States 01/14/2018

DuoFlex Gel Caps - I have been using for years and continue to. Great product with great results for me! Henry South Deerfield , MA United States 01/07/2018

Redness and Blemish Control - I was skeptical I have had roseacea for years but in the last 6-8 years the skin on my cheeks began getting very coarse and lumpy and the end of my nose became an angry red. Antibiotics did not work. I looked up on line for natural treatments and Redness and Blemish control had the most encouraging reviews (seemed like real people with real problems reviewed the product). I have used it now for about 3 months and my cheeks have smoothed out to what they were like years ago and most of the bumps are gone. The red on my nose has become a barely noticeable line and I don't get the burning sensation on my face anymore. I am very pleased - especially that I am not smearing chemicals on my face. This product does have an unpleasant sulfur smell when you apply it, but it does not last and is nothing more than a minor, momentary inconvenience. I was worried about the price at first, but the .5 oz container has lasted at least 3 months using it twice a day. Grants Pass, OR United States 01/04/2018

DuoFlex Pain Cream Great pain relief! - I have been using the DuoFlex relief cream for a couple of years, and it has been great with handling pain from arthritis and torn meniscus in my knees. Highly recommend it. Carol Booth Teaticket, MA United States 12/17/2017

Service and Products - Fast and Good Fast Service, Good Products Struthers, OH United States 12/13/2017

Songline Luxe Creme Rinse - Super Soft Soft and Tangle Free Hair Struthers, OH United States 12/13/2017

Pure Emu Oil - Great stuff! -I love the emmolient, and smoothing effect emu oil has on my skin...I use it on my neck, face and even hands, great for dry skin around my nails! I highly recomend this product to anyone! Debbie Shelton Vista, CA United States 12/10/2017

DuoFlex Pain Cream - Superb product! This was the first time i purchased from you and i love your products! The pain relief cream really works and i will definitely be purchasing more and recommending it to friends. Shannon Medford, OR United States 12/10/2017

Songline Luxe Hair Care - Too early to tell I need more time to be able to determine any difference in my hair but so far i love the product Shannon, Medford, OR United States 12/10/2017

Pure Emu Oil - Its perfect! I work in a hospital, where the air is very dry and my lips chap and crack no matter how much water i drink or how much lip balm i use. So i decided to try emu oil on them. In just 3 days my lips are healed and are staying soft and healthy. Thank you so much for a fantastic oil! Shannon Medford, OR United States 12/10/2017

Superrich Cream - Love love love this cream!! I will never use anything else on my face. Shannon Medford, OR United States 12/10/2017

DuoFlex Gel Caps - I can not take fish oil so this is very helpful. I do believe it helps with my knee pain now that my Cortizone shot is wearing off and I do not wish to get another.I do feel bad that I can’t find other natural products for this pain but when you’re hurting so much and stand all day you will do anything Florissant , MO United States 12/10/2017

Pure Emu Oil -So good for the Eczema around my scalp Florissant , MO United States 12/10/2017

Songline Luxe Hair Care Kit - My hair care trial is aweaome! I ordered the trial set for Songline hair care, and used it this week and I am so thrilled with it because it really gave my hair repair and felt so good, as I have had hair and scalp issues in the last year from rashes and allergy to hair dye----I used the shampoo and the creme rise, really lifted weight off my mind, it felt so good just using it. mary Wier chattanooga tn 12/09/2017

Service and Products Angela Wallace LEXINGTON, KY United States 12/09/2017

Service and Products -Excellent 5 Stars Roger Lockard Southampton, MA United States 12/09/2017

Songline Body Silk - This cream is as it's called silk. Wonderful for my whole body. Makes my skin so soft never dry Kathryn Messer West Springfield, MA United States 12/09/2017

Songline Luxe Hair - starting using this many years ago ? 10years. Since then have never had a dry scratchy scalp it's the best 5 Kathryn Messer West Springfield, MA United States 12/09/2017

Songline Luxe Rinse - makes my hair so so soft and no frizz Kathryn Messer West Springfield, MA United States 12/09/2017

Songline Luxe Hair Repair -This is new to me but like the other Luxe Products Wonderful. My hair is so soft and ends are no longer dry feeling stays soft and silky Kathryn Messer West Springfield, MA United States 12/09/2017 09:51AM

Songline Body Wash - Works very well. Have been using the Songline Body Wash for washing my face only at this time. My skin is sensitive, but this seems to work just fine for me. Been over a week now and if it was going to cause problems for me it would have by now. Worth the purchase. Jan Horvat 12/07/2017

DuoFlex Gel Caps - I purchased the gel caps for arthritis in my hands and cholesterol and it did help my joint pain. I still haven't checked my cholesterol. It surprised me when my hair stylist asked me if I was taking a new vitamin. She found new hair grow. I wasn't expecting that but so happy. It doesn't happen over night but after a full bottle could definitely see a difference. All of the products I have used from Songline have been fabulous! Definitely recommend:) Regina PANAMA CITY, FL United States 12/07/2017

Pure Emu Oil I have been using this product for a base for my moisturizer in the cold months and as a stand-alone in the warmer temps for about 12 years. 5 stars all the way. Cameron Taharah Los Angeles, CA United States 12/07/2017

Songline Body Butter Disappointment I was disappointed that you added almond oil to the product. There is a nut allergic person in our family. Also there should have been notification at the top identifying the new product. Since I opened it I threw it away because it could not be used by anyone else. Still waiting for a credit. I would also like to know if there is possible cross contamination with other products. Roy Rosenblatt Montague, MA United States 12/01/2017
***Roy - we offer 60-day money back guarantee on all of our products. Just return the product and I'll refund it back to the form of payment. We did send an email to all previous customers of the product and subscribers interested in skin care when we reformulated it and dropped the price. Dee Dee

Mr Squigglemires Its clear. The dogs seem to like it but really know way of knowing if it works. Roy Rosenblatt Montague, MA United States 12/01/2017

11/13/2017 Songline Body Silk -Emu Oil Lotion - This lotion has really improved my dry skin. It's doesn't leave a greasy feeling at all on your body. This lotion is absorbed through your skin as soon as you rub on. I will be ordering this lotion from now on. R Ferraro, Hollywood, SC United States

11/12/2017 Songline Emu Oil and Honey “Bomb “ - The lip balm has really surprised me with how fast it has made my lips ,and cuticles so soft. No longer is the skin around my cuticles cracked, and rough. I will continue to order this lip balm when I get close to running out of it. R. Ferraro, Hollywood, SC United States

11/12/2017 Redness and Blemish Control -the only thing that helps with my rosacea. Larry St Louis, Redding, CA United States

11/10/2017 Anti-Fungal Cream - Fantastic product. This is the most wonderful cream. Very healing. Mary, Vonore, TN United States

11/09/2017 Songline Body Butter - Love this butter .... WOW All I can say is WOW! I love your products. Mary, Vonore, TN United States

11/09/2017 DuoFlex Topical Pain Relief Cream - Great product This cream is so soothing and comforting. Mary, Vonore, TN United States

11/09/2017 Redness and Blemish Control - Attn: Rosacea Sufferers: I have had rosacea for the past 15 years. I have tried many topical creams/ointments and oral medications with little or no relief, only side effects from them. Several months ago a friend told me of her success with emu oil and told me about Songline. I promptly made my order & have been using the emu oil twice a day and my skin has never looked better! I use the Redness and Blemish Control cream occasionally at night for little flare ups, then oil over the top. I am 65, and I had almost given up on finding a solution for my rosacea. Those folks who have it understand the heartache. Now the raised bumps & redness are gone & I do believe my skin looks healthier and younger than it has in years! Thank you Songline for your excellent products and service. Kathryn Wallace, Camano Island, WA

10/28/2017 Pure Emu Oil - I received my purchase last week, I've only used the product once. The pump on the bottle doesn't work, which is disappointing. I do like the way the oil makes my skin feel. Mary McAllister, Lincoln City, OR United States

10/28/2017 Brown Sugar Scrub, Love this product! My skin is sensitive and I am always concerned about a product of this type. I have been using Songline Brown Sugar Scrub for a while now and I love it! I use it several times a week and have never had any discomfort. I have some sun/age spots and it really helps to keep those under control - lessening the discoloration and/or roughness. My skin always feels great after I use this product and I feel it looks better after each scrub. Eileen, Turners Falls, MA United States

9/16/17 I have been dealing with severe withdrawal problems relating to an RX my doctor had given me for sleep. With his support I have been under a wonderful program called Point of Return as there are many different drugs that contain benzodiasapam and suffer from withdrawal. POR is a nonprofit program to support victims of benzo withdrawal. Through them I heard about Songline. One of the most miserable problems in this withdrawal is a sense of deep burning and severe itching. . When I saw EMU Oil mentioned, I thought what do I have to lose? The Oil has given a great deal of relief as I am going thru the detoxification of my whole body. I rub it on my extremities which are most affected and I am receiving incredible relief. Another blessing is though it looks like milky Oil it does not a bit noticeable on clothing as it does not stain. That, too, is important. Barbara Hills, Charlotte, NC United States

9/14/17 I had some pre cancerous lesions on my forehead. My doctor froze them. The redness and dryness from this procedure would not go away. This oil has greatly diminished the dryness and redness. I will continue to use the emu oil with the hopes that it will continue to improve this area. Delta, CO United States

9/13/17 My husband and I have used DuoFlex for many years and find it such a help for pain relief. Have used it on sore shoulders, knees, hands and pulled muscles and we always feel better in the AM. We appreciate that the smell is pleasant, so you can apply more in the morning and not smell like a medicine cabinet! Am never without it in the house. Service is always great too. Eileen, Turners Falls MA

9/13/17 I am ordering a good stock of Songline emu oil as I need it for ongoing healing of skin condition that is chronic. Without Songline's quality and soothing help, I would be unable to have enjoyed relief and peace of mind. It is top grade and certified by the AEA. I am making Songline emu oil a permanent part of my life due to its quality and ease of ordering. This oil is still a mainstay for my healing of the issues Im have faced for 12 months, it has been and is life-saving for me. Mary Wier, Chatanooga TN

8/17/17 This is a wonderful, top-quality product for treating your skin! Gently exfoliates with a very pleasing aroma and leaves skin feeling rejuvenated and moisturized. I especially enjoy using the brown sugar scrub while I am relaxing in the tub. MsMoMo, CT

8/07/17 Glad to find a US company that sells a beautiful and pure emu oil, I was introduced to this oil from an AU friend whom works on a small family farm and has been shipping to me. I love to add my cbd oils with a few eo's, and whammo back and knee relief... Fast shipping! Sam, VA

8/01/17 My hair has always gotten about shoulder length and that was it. Ends would split and break and it just never got longer. It's now about 4 inches below my shoulders and still healthy. I love this shampoo. Donna, Missoula MT

7/29/17 I've only just started using the product about a week ago. I have been using an emu oil from another source. I will order yours the next time. I'm concerned about the sourcing of the product I have but I believe it to be ok. I am 70 and of course concerned about the wrinkles and collagen. I just want to look good for my age without using all the chemical laden products on the market. Using your moisturizer sure feels good on my face. Will order again and other products. Thank you. Kaylene Luse, Fort Myers, FL United States

7/19/17 I finished 33 days of radiation for breast cancer yesterday. It was recommended that I use name-brand lotions 4 times a day on the radiation sites and wear a wireless bra or no bra for the entire 6 weeks. I was warned about burns and disintegration of my skin. I started using Songline Emu Oil twice per day. I had absolutely NO issues during radiation. My skin did not burn, blister, or break down. I wore an underwire bra and normal clothes the entire time. Everyone at the radiation department was skeptical at first, but became extremely impressed with my progress and the final results. If I had had a mastectomy, the plastic surgeon said he would have waited until after my radiation to determine the quality of my skin and what reconstruction procedures would be possible for me. Though I didn't choose that route, I believe I could have reconstruction today, one day post-radiation, due to the exceptional quality of my skin, and that is because of emu oil. Melissa Barton Northfield MA

7/17/17 Have been using this (DuoFlex Topical Cream) on my knuckles for arthritis aches and it seems to work great. I also have been putting it on my feet after a long day standing or walking and it provides relief. Chris Probst, Nunn CO

7/17/17 In one week I have seen an incredible improvement in a rash on my leg that the doctor has prescribed two diff ointments for over a years time. There was no improvement until a week ago when I started using Emu oil, its almost gone, in one week!! Chris Probst, Nunn CO

7/11/17 Easy process, great product. Orlando Pacheco Peabody MA

6/30/17 Very nice people to do business with. product works very well and you have the best price that i have found. Thank you. Larry St Louis Redding, CA

6/29/17 I ordered the 100% emu oil last month and Im telling you what a wonderful difference in my skin. I love it!! Your customer service and your products speak excellence!!!. Thank you Gail Washington

6/19/17 This product continues to be awesome. It has really helped with my arthritis. Jani Ireland Clarksville, IN United States

6/13/17 DEE DEE answers questions honestly and ships promptly. Read about her family farm & practices on the Songline web site. The oil is not triple refined as some other sites boast because this may remove essential aspects of the oil needed for moisturizing, reducing inflammation etc. Customer, CA United States

6/10/17 The products are great. I love the emu oil and I use it for many things including mixing it with other essential oils to make a body oil. The Shampoo/Conditioner is also wonderful. My hair looks great and stays clean for a week without washing. Liz, Atlanta GA

5/13/17 I've been using this product for over 10 years. On summer nights I use it on its own as a night time serum, and winter months I use it under facial creams. When I skip it(rarely), I see and feel a distinct difference in vibrancy and softness. Most definitely a 5 star item. Cameron Taharah, Los Angeles

5/13/2017 Emu Oil Have used this product for several years now on my dry skin & it has worked very well for me in sloving this issue . The customer service has always been outstanding. Herb Pitzman Huntley, IL

5/13/2017 Pure Emu Oil I've been using this product for over 10 years. On summer nights I use it on its own as a night time serum,and winter months I use it under facial creams. When I skip it(rarely), I see and feel a distinct difference in vibrance and softeness. Most definitely a 5 star item. Cameron Taharah Los Angeles, CA

5/9/2017 Liquid gold! I've used your Emu Oil for chronic dry skin and also on cat scratches - this stuff is amazing! Larry Rose Nolensville, Tennessee

5/8/2017 Powerful Healing After taking the gel caps my husband had a heart checkup and his ekg had changed its signature. This is awesome as it means his abnormal heart electric signal of genetic origin was not found any more. He is riding bike again. Words can't express how grateful I am for Songline. Since I am on the pure oil and the gel caps, it feels more powerful than ever, really creating a greater healing for a long term skin rash I picked up in a Florida salt water pool. Thank you to DeeDee and Yolanda for your inspiring work! Mary Wier Chatanooga, TN

4/14/2017 Minimizing scarring I first used the emu oil while undergoing radiation for breast cancer a few years ago. My skin fared quite well and didn't have any severe burn or any blisters. I just had surgery and am using it to help minimize any scarring. Works great and doc says I'm healing very well! Maria Suarez Rutherford, NJ

4/13/2017 The best of the eye creams Love the combination of gentleness (for my very sensitive eyes) and effectiveness! Kathy Reznyk Medford, NJ

4/13/2017 A treat for my skin Has been a wonderful addition to the shower! My skin feels clean, pampered and never over dry. This was especially important recently after having a mastectomy and reconstruction. I felt confident using it on my surgical sites. Kathy Reznyk Medford, NJ

4/11/2017 Best pain cream The pain cream is the best thing I have had in a very long time. I have a nerve problem and foot pain is so bad I don't sleep much at night but with the cream what a difference it has made for me. Want to say thank you Blessings Pat Stroup

4/8/2017 Impressive service and product! We got our package sooner than expected. It is always a welcome day when we have our stores of emu replenished. It works better than anything else we have ever used for cracked skin and allergic rashes. Wouldn't be without it!

4/7/2017 So far,so good Noticeable difference in the texture of my skin...and I have pretty good skin to begin with. Rachel Bryant GRANGER , IN

4/7/2017 Miracle worker Recently developed Psoriasis on my scalp and forehead. My dermatologist prescribed two products which helped a little. My friend told me to investigate the possibility of using Emu oil and recommended your company. Within 4 days, I saw and felt a tremendous difference. I would recommend this product to anyone! Rachel Bryant GRANGER , IN

4/7/2017 We'll see Too soon to rate, but I like the way it leaves my hair. Rachel Bryant GRANGER , IN

4/7/2017 We'll see Too soon to rate. Rachel Bryant GRANGER , IN
4/4/2017 I love the Super Rich Moisturizer I just ordered two more of the super rich moisturizers after finishing my first one. I've always taken good care of my skin and I have to say this facial moisturizer is my favorite. I like that it provides moisture without being "greasy" and that a little goes a long way. My skin looks better than it has in a long time so I will be sticking with this emu oil moisturizer. I highly recommend it and I've tried them all and this one is my favorite. I'm 75 and am trying to keep wrinkles at bay, as well as to keep my skin looking nice. This stuff does the trick.!! Betty Birmingham, AL
3/28/2017 Songline Body Butter - This was a re-order of this product. Have been really pleased with it. Clarksville, IN
3/27/2017 DuoFlex Pain Relief Cream - Love this stuff!! Jani Ireland Clarksville, IN

3/23/2017 Pure Emu Oil - Good product. Good company This is my second purchase, enjoy the Songline process; enjoy the Emu Oil BARBARA WILLETT REDONDO BEACH, CA
3/12/2017 Pure Emu Oil - Great product. Will buy again. martin murphy FRANKFORT, IL
3/9/2017 Pure Emu Oil - Oil for Sensitive skin I am assured that the entire product is made from the 100% natural things. It made my skin glowing. I loved it so much. Use it and love it like me. And also Try this goat milk product for sensitive skin. http://www.omygoatmilkbathandbody.com/Soaps-c-163... Omniio Milk Virginia Beach VA, WV

2/27/2017 DuoFlex Caps - They are still awesome!! Jani Ireland Clarksville, IN

2/27/2017 Super Rich Moisturizer - First time trying this product. Really like it!! Jani Ireland Clarksville, IN
2/9/2017 Pure Emu Oil – Satisfied. Plan to reorder a larger size this week. Very pleased with the product and process. BARBARA WILLETT REDONDO BEACH, CA

2/6/2017 DuoFlex Pain Relief Cream - Effective topical cream I currently suffer from plantar fasciitis. While the DuoFlex is not a cure, it absorbs quickly and alleviates the pain quite well. Carol Marshall

2/6/2017 Songline Body Silk - An excellent moisterizer that contains no perfumes This is the first time I've seriously tried the Songline skin care products. I do love the pain care line. It is extremely difficult finding quality creams without perfumes or strong fragrances (most are offensive and I end up tossing them out). I read the Songline blog page and know it is difficult to not have any scent it these natural products, but you do an amazing job! Any whiff of a scent dissipates in short order. Carol Marshall

2/2/2017 DuoFlex Gel Caps - Bursitis, joint/muscle pain I was suffering with bursitis in both hips for some time. I also have had joint and muscle pain for 13 years with menopause. I have tried many different products with no or very little results. My neighbor had told me about emu oil she had used topically with good results. I'm a skeptic so I brushed it off. When the bursitis started and couldn't get any relief I decided to give it a try. When I found your products on line I decided to try the 100% Pure Emu Oil topically and the DUOFLEX MULTI-OMEGA GEL CAPS orally. I'm taking the gel caps 3 times a day and applyng the oil on my hips and feet twice a day. One night while at work I was walking and suddenly realized my feet were not hurting and my hips felt better. Was it coincidence or was your product working? I'm continuing with the product with good results. I'm not pain free but much better. I will continue to see if I get more results. LynAnn Warner Chetek, WI United States

1/27/2017 100% Pure Emu Oil -I love the emu oil and am using it on my face after cleansing. I am massaging it in a few pre skin cancer areas. A little goes a long way but I never want to run out of this stuff. Betty Galbraith Birmingham, AL

1/27/2017 Super Rich Moisturizer - I love the way this moisturizer makes my skin feel. I am using it after cleansing and after putting a little of the pure emu oil on my skin first. I love the moisturizer, it's just the right amount of moisture to use just before applying makeup. I definitely will reorder this when I get close to running out. Betty Galbraith Birmingham, AL

1/24/2017 Pure Emu Oil - Great for skin and hair I mix it into whatever I'm putting on my face. Sometimes just the emu oil and some sea buckthorn oil. It makes my skin soft, no breakouts, doesn't smell bad. Alisa CA
1/24/2017 Psoriasis Cream - Works! Bought this one for my boyfriends psoriasis, it truly works, I think it smells super weird, but its worth the minute or two you can smell it. I know people say something works, and then you try it, and it doesn't, but I would say he has a pretty serious, on going, has only been helped by a prescription psoriasis. He says it feels better, and I see it looks better. Do yourself a favor and try it, Songline gives a 60 day guarantee. It only took a few days for him to really be excited about it working. Alisa CA

1/5/17 Super Rich Moisturizer - This is a super moisturizer that is not greasy. I needed more moisture going into the winter months because my face has a tendency to dry and peel. It was just starting to peel when I got this and took care of the problem! My skin is hydrated and so soft. I also use a little for my hands when they get too dry. Great product!! Drummonds, TN

12/29/2016 DuoFlex Pain Relief Cream - Pain relief for shoulder fracture This cream was highly recommended by a friend who has found it very helpful. I can't say the results have been spectacular, but my shoulder is very stubborn, so it's not really the fault of the product. Sharon Great Barrington, MA
12/5/16 Pure Emu Oil - Songline Emu oil is completing its healing of my trauma on my ankle, an infection, it is truly amazing, so superior to other brands. It is truly a blessing to me.Mary Wier from Chatanooga, TN

12/4/16 Super Rich Moisturizer - My skin feels so young and nourished. Rich with nourishment December 4, 2016 Reviewer: Tricia Moran from China, ME

12/4/16 Pure Emu Oil - I love keeping emu oil on hand. I have a hard time with dry cuticles and emu is so good for that! I also like the healing properties. Goes on well, is not greasy. I love it. May I also say that there was a little glitch in my order, but truly, I could not have asked for better customer service! My products were even shipped before we could totally complete the transaction! Deborah Russell from Waynesboro, VA

11/21/16 DuoFlex Pain Relief Cream -This is a product that provides quick relief for my muscle and arthritic pain when I need it. It has a pleasant aroma that doesn't advertise you've used it with a strong menthol smell either! Terry Atkinson from Greenfield, MA

11/21/16 Pure Emu Oil November 21, 2016 - I use Emu Oil on the sun-damaged skin areas of my face, neck, and arms. It seems to be fading those dark spots naturally, helping me to avoid a more expensive procedure from a dermatologist! Terry Atkinson from Greenfield MA

11/17/16 Super Rich Moisterizer - Can't say enough about this product or the level of customer service Songline provides. Dee Dee is the Best! Only makes sense that their products are too. Karen Proulx

11/4/16 Pure Emu Oil - It only takes a little. Great for dry sensitive skin. will use for a long time. Linda from Penn valley, CA

10/29/16 Pure Emu Oil and Songline Body Silk - As I age, my skin is thinner and more prone to injury. I'm told emu oil would help. My sister got me the oil and I got the lotion. Time will tell! Wendy Hunt from WILTON MANORS, FL

11/4/16 Songline Luxe Shampoo - Awesome shampoo for dry damaged hair. Linda from Penn valley, CA

10/17/16 Pure Emu Oil (updated) -Songline Oil Is SAVING me Songline Emu Oil is proving to be the more powerful of any other oil I have tried, especially noticeable as I am experiencing great healing of my ankle and foot that were traumatized by the hotel pool water in Florida this summer---a marine toxin was in their pool and by the time I got home a rash and infection were causing me pain and anquish.

The emu oil I had on hand helped out then I found Songline and the AEA site and ordered their product-- this oil is more powerful to be sure, I felt relief and have been healing nicely as Songline emu oil quickly calms inflammation, rebuilds new skin --- I am so grateful for Songline and their products. My spouse and I are planning to get the gel caps as soon as we can, this will put the Songline healing power inside the body for many other conditions. Mary Wier, Chatanooga, TN

10/08/16 Songline Body Butter - Very moisturizing I bought the small size and when I received it I thought it was too small to do any good. I was wrong! I use it for my cuticles. Charlene E, Drummonds, TN

10/08/16 DuoFlex Gel Caps - Not sure what I'm suppose to feel I am on my second bottle and I take it in place of fish oil. Charlene E, Drummonds, TN United States Charlene -

Response: Charlene - since every "body" is different it can take longer for some people to respond to the Gel Caps than others. But, testimonials show increased energy, decreased pain and inflammation, mood lift, cholesterol drops and many other benefits. I will shoot you an email later today to discuss this more. Thanks for commenting. Dee Dee 10/16/16

10/07/16 Pure Emu Oil - Five Stars Makes the skin around my eyes appear younger and healthier, and does not irritate my sensitive eyes ! Best eye cream that I have ever used! Kathy R, Medford, NJ
10/07/16 Pure Emu Oil - Use it on Everything Can always count on emu oil to soothe and moisturize my skin. Minimizes my wrinkles! Kathy R, Medford, NJ
9/19/16 Pure Emu Oil - Emu Oil I purchased the oil for a 94 year old friend who has very serious skin problems and edema in her legs. The Emu oil works wonderfully on her skin and is absorbed quickly. She has tried other moisturizers but they can't compare to the results after just a few days of use. Thank you. Barbara Kohberger, Tully, NY United States

9/08/16 Customer Service - Great Customer Service Aloha, I am new to emu oil and have heard great reviews. I signed up and received a 10% discount, however I put my order in before I knew I had that discount and notified the office and they immediately took care of it. I also received my order very quickly! I will order more when I run out. Also, I live in Hawaii and the free shipping saves me money too! Great product for my severe oozing eczema condition. Jaxqs from Honolulu, HI United States

8/19/16 Pure Emu Oil - Emu Oil Gave ad a gift. Currently use my wife's oil as a night moisturizer. Works great. My wife especially likes it. Joe Chvastek from Tuxedo, NY United States

8/14/16 Pure Emu Oil - Emu Licious Use on my hair an on my face. Not at all greasy helps my frizzy hair in this summer heat I love it. Annemarie McNamara from South Ozone Park, NY United State 8/8/2016 Customer Service - Recent order The service and the products were awesome, as always. Many thanks ladies :) Jani Ireland, Clarksville, IN United States

8/5/2016 Emu Oil - Excellent results I have had a chronic problem on one foot with red, dry, flaky skin and cracks in my heel. My doctor prescribed an expensive cream which did not help. My daughter suggested I try your pure emu oil and I am very pleased with the improvement in my foot. After less than two weeks of use, the dryness is almost gone and the cracks in my heel are healing. I will continue to use your product! Thank you. Doris Borer, Greenfield, MA United States

8/4/2016 Body Butter - Body Butter one of my favorites! I have re-ordered this several times over the last few years and love it. I use it on my face every night, on scrapes and abrasions too. Elizabeth Pingree, East Machias, ME United States

8/4/2016 Emu Oil - Not sure if it will work I have a lot of wrinkles around my eyes due to a lifetime of allergies that affect my eyes as well as upper respiratory system. I think my lifetime of rubbing my eyes has created something that no cream can take away. I do like it. It absorbs very quickly. I will continue to use it and hope for a miracle. Charlene Eaton, Drummonds, TN United States

8/4/2016 Body Silk -I really like this lotion This is a non greasy quickly absorbing lotion that I really like. I will reorder it. Charlene Eaton, Drummonds, TN United States

8/4/2016 DuoFlex Gel Caps -Time will tell I haven't been taking these long so I'm not sure how well it works. I was told by my eye doctor to take some Omega 3 oil for dry eyes and opted for this. Next trip to the doctor we will see if this helped. Charlene Eaton, Drummonds, TN United States

8/3/2016 Mr Squigglemires -Mr. Squggles I love the emu oil for my bloodhound. He has very dry and flaky skin. I bath him once a week as well. He gets the most relieve with Mr. Squigglemire. My last order one of the bottles was broken and half of the oil leaked out. I have never had this happen before. This stuff is too expensive to receive only half a bottle. Hey Denise - Sorry to hear about the bottle leak. We'll be sure to get a new bottle out to you tomorrow. USPS has been great delivering our products - but every once in awhile - it happens. Thanks for your review. Dee Dee Mares 8/3/16 Denise Eichert, Finlayson, MN United States

7/8/2016 Emu Oil -Amazing! Your 100% Pure Emu oil is truly a miracle! My sister in Florida suggested it for some dry skin patches I have and they have greatly improved since I've been using the oil. Further, my girlfriend has had some scratches from a new kitten and we figured that the oil might help relieve them too - amazingly, the scratches virtually disappeared in a matter of days. She's now claimed my bottle for her own; this is why I've ordered a replacement...everybody loves it! L Rose, Nolensville, TN United States

7/1/2016 DuoFlex Pain Cream - DuoFlex Pain relief Cream Though this product helps to relieve joint pain, I stopped using it after I noticed It contains Sodium Laurel Sulfate. Why is a harsh detergent needed in a pain relief cream? The most effective product I ever used was called HEET, and they don't make it anymore. Hey John, Just wanted to respond to this. Because of the FDA process we went through in order to have the legal ability to call this a Pain Relief product we had to make compromises on the formula which we weren't happy with. The SLS was one of those and I don't like it either. There is a very small amount used to keep the formula stabilized for long shelf life. We hope to come out with an all natural version in the future. But the downside is that it will probably be more expensive. Dee Dee John Bator, Easthampton MA

7/1/2016 DuoFlex Pain Cream - DuoFlex and Lupus I have cutaneous lupus and suffer with a painful, itchy, weeping rash. I usually use Pure Emu Oil on it which is soothing but I was out and last night I reached for the DuoFlex Cream. I knew the menthol would burn but I was desperate. Yes it burned at first, but honestly it felt better then the itching, then it felt warm and soothing and this morning the rash is greatly reduced. I'm going to continue to use it. Noreen, I just wanted to comment. I had shingles and the rash is similar. I too used the emu oil but one day something just told me to use the DuoFlex Cream and you're right - the burn was better then the itch and pain and I slept all night. When the rash began to heal and stopped being so painful I switched to the pure emu oil and it helped me heal without scarring - but the DuoFlex is what saved me. Dee Dee Noreen, Shelburne MA

7/1/2016 Longhairlovers Shampoo - It's good I have baby fine hair and sometimes my scalp gets itchy and seems to be dry so I thought I would try this. It cleans very well, in fact I may should have gotten the conditioner, and I like the smell. Charlene E, Drummonds, TN United States

7/1/2016 Emu Oil - This is an awesome product! I purchased this because my roommate and I live in a rural area with a lot of woods and we seem to always be getting bitten. I used this after being bitten and a blister came up and by this next day it was completely dried up! I then got a rash around my ankles from walking in the yard and again this took away the itching and cleared it up within 24 hours! I love it so much I'm not sure if I will share with my roommate... Charlene E, Drummonds, TN United States

6/29/2016 DuoFlex Gel Caps -feel better This product has really helped me feel less aches and pains and hopefully has lowered my cholesterol too. Added benefit, I've lost a little weight with it cause they make me feel fuller as I take them with dinner. Louise, Havertown, PA United States

6/29/2016 Emu Oil - very good This product does exactly what it says. It clears and helps dry skin. I gave some to my 87 year old mother who is diabetic and it has really helped her skin. I use it on my feet and it is amazing what a difference it makes. Great stuff. Louise, Havertown, PA United States

6/22/2016 Body Silk - Body lotion This body lotion is wonderful with super nice coverage. I am careful how much I use because I want it to last forever! Mary, Finksburg, MD United States

6/22/16 Goat Milk Soap - Nice soap Great natural product for the skin! Mary, Finksburg, MD United States 6/22/2016 Emu Oil - Soaks right in! Just a little goes a long way. Good source of Omegas! Mary, Finksburg, MD United States

6/22/2016 Longhairlovers Leave-In - Conditioner My hair has zero tangles after using this product. I would not leave it in personally but I could see where it would be very soothing for the scalp and repair of skin and hair Mary, Finksburg, MD United States

6/22/2016 Country Devine Shampoo - Shampoo This is a good clean shampoo. I have very thick hair and feel it doesn't lather as well alone so I combine it with a small amount of another natural hair shampoo and the two complement each other. I feel the weight was too heavy for my hair but only because of the thickness. Mary, Finksburg, MD United States

6/10/2016 Emu Oil - Emu oil Product is great, I have been using this for years.. helps my arthritic knees and hands..small problem with this order, the capsules were all stuck together when they arrived. I put them in the refrigerator for a bit and was able to separate them Doreen Stephens, Jacksonville, FL United States 6/6/2016 Emu Oil -Emu Oil I LOVE this oil and it is a real treat to have it in the cabinet. I also love the facial scrub. I give you A+A+A+A+A+A+A Thank you for your products. Karen Karen Glenn, Shelby, AL United States 35143

5/20/2016 Emu Oil -Excellent Product I have used this product for just a short time and I am very very happy with it! Janis, Davenport, WA United States

5/14/2016 Emu Oil - Great product Love this product Kimberly Lotierzo, Stratford, NJ United States

5/14/2016 Longhairlovers Shampoo -Love the way it makes my hair feel Love this shampoo, wished it came in a larger size. Leave my hair so clean without the chemicals. Kimberly Lotierzo, Stratford, NJ United States

5/13/2016 DuoFlex Gel Caps - Emu Oil Gel Caps Great alternative to taking fish oil gel caps and more effective. I don't know why it took me so long to try these. A. Wallace, Greenville, NC United States

5/13/2016 Longhairlovers Leave-In -Longhairlovers Luxe Leave-in LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this product. I am SO glad it's back. My hair has missed it terribly! Thanks Songline, for bringing it back. A. Wallace, Greenville, NC United States

5/13/2016 Longhairlovers Shampoo - Longhairlovers Luxe Shampoo LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this product. I am SO glad it's back. My hair has missed it terribly! Thanks Songline, for bringing it back. A. Wallace, Greenville, NC United States

5/13/2016 Super Rich Moisturizer -Super Rich Moisturizer I really like how this product makes my skin feel. A. Wallace, Greenville, NC United States

5/9/2016 DuoFlex Pain Cream - Cream Great stuff ! Gives temp relief to nerve pain Karle Kushi, Turners Falls, MA United States

5/9/2016 Longhairlovers Shampoo -Longhairlovers Luxe Shampoo First time to use this product. I like the way my hair looks and feels after using the shampoo. I would say that I would like more suds. I find with this shampoo I need to apply, massage, rinse and then repeat, because it doesn't suds up much the first time. That may be intentional, to avoid the overuse of drying detergents? I may try ignoring the lack of bubbles and trust that my hair and scalp are getting clean. Julianna Humphreys, Juneau, AK United States

5/5/2016 Emu Oil - Emu Oil, My New Facial Product I just received my first order of Emu Oil and I wish I had tried this before I spent hundreds of dollars on facial moisturizers. I LOVE this product. It makes my skin so soft and healthy looking. Now what to do with all the creams I have on hand. Jane, Payson, AZ United States

5/4/2016 DuoFlex Pain Cream - Duoflex pain cream I have been using this cream for a couple of years now when I have muscle or back pain and it works really well, love it. Songline provides excellent customer service and shipping is very fast. Ruth L Shufelt, Orange, MA United States

5/2/2016 DuoFlex Pain Cream - DuoFlex Topical Pain Relief Cream Wonderful and effective product. My family uses it frequently for arthritic knees. I very much appreciated the sale which allowed us to get two for the price of one. We stocked up. Thank you! Julianna Humphreys, Juneau, AK United States

4/30/2016 Body Silk - body silk lotion This is one of the best products Songline offers. It has helped my dry, wrinkled skin and the scent is light and clean. The best, so please don't alter the ingredients. It's great. Deb, Florida

4/30/2016 Customer Service - Songline Each product I have purchased from Songline is excellent.They truly understand and provide top-notch customer service!! (which is rare these days) I had a small issue that was rectified so fast I was stunned- thank you Songline! Mary Lothman, Portland, OR United States

4/27/2016 DuoFlex Pain Cream - DuoFlex Love this stuff. Have been using it for a while for arthritis and no longer have to take Mobic. YAY!!! Jani Ireland, Clarksville, IN United States

4/27/2016 Longhairlovers Leave-In - Leave-in Treatment Love this stuff and so does my hair. No more split ends :) Jani Ireland, Clarksville, IN United States

4/27/2016 Longhairlovers Shampoo - Shampoo Love this stuff and so does my hair. No more split ends :) Jani Ireland, Clarksville, IN United States

4/12/2016 Longhairlovers Shampoo - Longhairlovers Shampoo This product is GREAT!!! I could really tell a difference in my hair (not a good one) when this was unavailable for a short period. So very happy to have it back! Good job, Dee Jani, Indiana

4/9/2016 Emu Oil - Love the Emu Oil I can't believe how quickly it's helped repair sun damage - brown spots and lines. Will use it forever. Anonymous , Arizona

4/9/2016 Songline Body Silk - Body Silk It is the best product I have used! Deb Putnam, Northfield

4/9/2016 Mr Squigglemires - Rocky the pit loves Mr. Squigglemires multi-omegas My 80lb pitbull Rocky salivates everytime I bring out the multi-omegas. In addition to putting it on his food I have also used it as a topical treatment for his various skin issues (he has dry patches as a result of having mange as a puppy). I would highly recommend this as a dietary supplement. Jasmine Ward, Montague, Ma

4/9/2016 Body Silk - Love!! I love this lotion -- it's not heavy and greasy but sure does a great job of leaving my skin moisturized. I live in the desert so chronic dry skin is common. The scent is so delicate and fresh, too. Absorbs so well. BLB, Arizona

4/9/2016 Emu Oil - Fantastic! I started using this on my daughter's very dry skin patches before she was diagnosed with Celiac and it was the only thing that would help. Now, I use it mainly as a carrier oil for essential oils. It absorbs so quickly and doesn't leave you greasy. Another favorite use is to rub it into my scalp and hair at night, washing it out in the morning. I color and dry/heat style my hair every day and I think it makes a big difference in the shine and softness. I will never be without this oil! Anonymous, Arizona