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Emu Oil Reviews and Customer Testimonials From Our Site

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Pure Emu Oil - Great Product. The last Emu oil we got was from a Australian friend. My husband has his doubts that anything could be as good, he was wrong.. Glad we found your site and so is he. He has arthritis pain and this is his way of dealing with it. And it Works! Vicki Baker, Margate, FL United States 08/30/2018

Country Devine Shampoo - Itchy, pimply scalp. The Country Devine Natural Deep Cleansing Shampoo has made my scalp stop itching and cleared the frequent pimples or infected hairs. Pam, Richmond, VA United States 08/26/2018

Pure Emu Oil - The best oil ever. I had a rash on my chest, arms and back for 15 years from a medicine. Topical steroids was the only thing that made it go away, but as soon as I would stop using it, it came back. It took 4 months of using the oil every day for my arms and chest to clear and 9 months for my back. My dermatologist couldn't believe it!! Pam, Richmond, VA United States 08/26/323

Luxe Hair Care Products - Great products. Shampoo is cleansing and lathers nicely. I like the leave in conditioner better than the regular conditioner. I really don't need to use every day for either one. But I like the leave in before I put my regular setting mouse on to blow dry. Lititz, PA United States 08/18/2018

Skin Care Travel Kit - Amazing travel kit. I like all the products and it is a great way to sample each one without buying the full size. I am going to try the bar soap, not fond of the liquid, love the sugar scrub, and the Emu oil has really help with dry patches. Lititz, PA United States 08/18/2018

PureEmu Oil - Received oil quickly. The purchasing was made easy over the phone. Michele Rosales Halethorpe, MD United States 08/16/

Songline Body Silk - Good stuff! I have benefited from all the products you carry. This is my first time using Body Silk, and it has a wonderful texture. In fact, it will be a good all season lotion. I have been thinning it out with a bit of water during the hot weather, and that works, too! Terry Atkinson, Greenfield, MA United States 08/06/2018

DuoFlex Gel Caps - The Gel Caps help to keep my joints supple. John Bator, Easthampton, MA United States 07/26/2018

Songline Luxe Hair Repair Conditioner - Most conditioners leave my hair limp and greasy feeling. Not this one. John Bator, Easthampton, MA United States 07/26/2018

Songline Luxe Emu Shampoo - This shampoo can be used daily, and doesn't tangle my fine hair. John Bator, Easthampton, MA United States 07/26/2018

DuoFlex Gel Caps - I have not tried, as waiting to use all of my Salmon Oil ... but from the ingredients I am sure these will be a great addition to my daily supplement routing. Tammy Cole, Greenfield, IL United States 07/14/2018

Luxe Shampoo - Very Nice A great shampoo, my hair feels good and I feel good to be using natural products. My hair has really changed the last 12 months and truly hoping that in a few months will start to notice a difference in regrowth and strength of my hair by using this and having vitamins infused every week. Right now not seeing a lot of extra shine, but maybe that will change too. Tammy Cole, Greenfield, IL United States 07/14/2018

DuoFlex Gel Caps - Great stuff for inflammation in joints. been using it daily for years now and no reason to stop. Gene Crisafulli, Swansea, MA United States 07/10/2018

Super Rich Moisturizer - I like the product and makes my face soft and my lips soft and beautiful it orbs well into my skin will purchase more product in the future Myrnell Profit Sacramento, CA United States 07/09/2018

Songline Body Silk - I like Emu Body Silk - Emu Oil lotion because it is not greasy and smooths on to the skin cleanly. I have used it especially in the winter because the skin on my hands tends to crack and bleed. It is soothing and healing. Marie, Gardner, MA United States 07/09/2018

Travel Skin Kit I'm glad to have the smaller size bottles so I can easily bring this with me when traveling. Maryanne Gallagher, Gill, MA United States 07/08/2018

Pure Emu Oil - As always! Emu Oil is an excellent product for all of my skin healing needs. I often add a bit of Emu Oil when I'm using Arnica or Aloe to assist with the absorption. Over the years I've done comparisons and know that adding the Emu oil supports the penetration of these other materials and enhances their effectiveness. The pump bottle makes for easy use. Maryanne Gallagher, Gill, MA United States 07/08/2018

Songline Luxe Shampoo and Creme Rinse - The shampoo and creme rinse are so nourishing! The concentrated capacity results in just a little needed but does a wonderful job! Maryanne Gallagher, Gill, MA United States 07/08/2018

Mr Squigglemires Itchy Dog Shampoo - Cure for Doggie Alopecia! I don't always write reviews, but I want anyone with a dog struggling with alopecia to know that THIS WORKS! There is not much information on treating alopecia, except the option of melatonin. I tried melatonin for months without any success. I found very few stories on emu oil linked to hair growth for dogs, but the ones I did find amazed me, so I had to try it. It's only been a little over 2 months and my dog's coat has grown back almost completely. I haven't seen his coat in almost 2 years (when he got clipped and the hair no longer grew back). I feed it daily and rubbed it on him the first month. I also use emu oil shampoo and spray. This has been a miracle my pup and I are so thankful for! Jessica, Bay Area 07/07/2018

Songline Body Wash - Dry skin relief These products more than come up to the high expectations, which experience gives, for the Songline cleansers and moisturisers. Sheila DaGraca, Weslaco, TX United States 07/01/2018

Lux Hair Care Kit - Love these products. They never let me down. Lovely to be able to get them as a travel kit now. Sheila DaGraca, Weslaco, TX United States 07/01/2018

Skin Care Travel Kit - Again, delightfully reliable products. So pleased to have a travel pack handy now as well. Sheila DaGraca, Weslaco, TX United States 07/01/2018

Skin Care Travel - Kit Love this kit! Every product in this kit is terrific! Great for travel or if you just want to try a few products. Love love love! A. Johnson, Colorado 06/28/2018

Man Maintenance Kit Songline Man Maintenance Kit I gave my husband your Man Maintenance Kit for Father's Day, and he is intrigued. I have shared my DuoFlex cream and capsules over the last two years, so he knows he likes those. But now he can try the shampoo and other Songline products too, and says he's really looking forward to that. I'd say the gift is a hit! Alaska6/18/2018
Pure Emu Oil Pure Oil and Poisen Ivy The oil really brought relief for the itching and helped the rash heal. God send. California Janice Mehan 6/15/2018

Mr Squigglemires Multi-Omegas for Pets It leaked. 6/11/2018 We will shoot you an email to resolve this. Dee Dee 6/19/18

Pure Emu Oil 6/11/2018

Salt Scrub 6/11/2018

Super Rich Moisturizer 6/11/2018

Redness and Blemish Control-Excellent product I have been using this cream for a week and there is a drastic improvement. I am very happy and will continue using it and will order again. I am a return customer and thru the years all the products I have used have been great. Also, customer service is excellent and shipping is very fast. A+++ South Hadley, MA United States MEK 6/9/2018

DuoFlex Pain Relief Cream -Your DuoFlex Pain Relief Cream is the best! I keep in stock this time of year as I work in my gardens. Pelham, NH US Kathy Corey Fox 6/8/2018

Hair Kit - shampoo kit is great My hair has been out of control due to the humidity. This shampoo and conditioner has been a big help DE United States ghp 6/8/2018

Pure Emu Oil -wonderful smoothing my dry skin DE United States ghp 6/8/2018

Super Rich Moisturizer-Excellent Love it DE United States ghp 6/8/2018
Body Butter Body Butter Grainy The shea component is cranular which suggests that the shea butter was overheated. Los Angeles, CA United States Donna Williams 6/8/2018 Donna - we will send out a replacement. We did have trouble with a recent batch. That graininess happens when I don't get the product cooled down fast enough. Was putting it in fridge, am now putting it in the freezer. If anyone else has this problem please let me know. Dee Dee

Body Silk Body silk emu oil lotion Luv ¬Ěthis lotion it feels very gud on the skin it also spreads easily so a little goes a long way which makes it easy to apply and I luv that it is fragrance free as well! Its a little pricey but worth it because you get what you pay for which is healthy ingredients with natural sun protection which makes this product the best choice! Thanks Sherman, TX United States Tessa Tx 6/8/2018

DuoFlex Gel Caps - So far, so good I'm giving this 4 stars because I've just begun taking the DuoFlex omegas. I would recommend them. I'm not having any adverse reaction to them (if there were such a thing). Eaton Rapids, MI United States Bett Drewyor 6/7/2018

Emu Lip Bomb - Excellent I like this balm because it doesn't make my lips feel sticky like other lip balms do. I haven't tried it on my cuticles or finger nails yet. Eaton Rapids, MI United States Bett Drewyor 6/7/2018
Luxe Shampoo -I love it! I have tried many different moisturizing shampoos for silver hair...none have done what they say they will. I have finally found one that is true to its word. This emu oil shampoo is awesome. Not only does it moisturize my hair, but it manages beautifully. It puts a great shine on my hair too. I started with the trial size and was impressed; I then purchased the larger size. The scent is soft and not strong. I love this shampoo. Eaton Rapids, MI United States Bett Drewyor 6/7/2018

Super Rich Moisturizer - Excellent I purchased the trial size of this moisturize...and I love it. I'll be ordering the larger size. It's a terrific facial moisturizer...really impressed with it Eaton Rapids, MI United States Bett Drewyor 6/7/2018

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