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 Songline Enterprises LLC dba Songline Emu Farm of Gill, Massachusetts has been raising Emu and selling Emu Oil since 1995 and are active members of the American and New England Emu Associations. Over the years we have experimented with many different emu oil products and have selected the best-of-the-best from multiple manufactures. Songline Enterprises takes the guess work out of your purchasing decision and offers a 60-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results.

How to Purchase Oil

Songline Emu Farm sells its emu oil products online, by catalog or through retailers. The onsite farm store is no longer open.  Call for a free catalog.

Not All Emu Are the Same

Songline Emu Farm is committed to raising genetically superior Emu stock without the use of unnecessary antibiotics, growth hormones, chemical pesticides or herbicides.  Our participation in a superior feed and natural supplement program: our focus on genetics and emphasis on a stress free environment have produced birds of exceptional temperament and quality.

Not All Emu Oil is the Same

 All of our pure emu oil is processed in a State Food and Drug approved facility according to the American Emu Association (AEA) Trade Rules and carries the AEA Certified Fully Refined Seal. Each bottle is batch stamped and individual batch analysis, done by an American Oil Chemist Society (AOCS) certified chemist is available for viewing. First the fat is specially handled through a rendering process which ensures color and stability factors; then natural clay, not chemicals, is used to filter the oil followed by vacuum deodorizing. Deodorizing brings the oil to proper temperature for a certain period of time to insure sterilization which removes unwanted microbial particles like viruses and bacteria. The final finishing process insures a creamy product with no separation. The whole process is done under GMP (General Manufacturing Practices) for food products. Always look for the AEA Certified symbol.

Not All Emu Oil Products Are the Same

 Studies show that a concentration of at least 10% emu oil is needed to uphold many of the anti-inflammatory, super-oxygenation, trans-dermal and other properties of the oil. Many products are surfacing with as little as 5% emu oil and attempting to claim the full benefits of the oil. We carefully select our products from multiple manufactures based on the following criteria:

  • Quality of Emu Oil - The American Emu Association has established Oil Standards which must be met by any of our formulators.

  • Quantity of Emu Oil in the Formula - Studies have shown that approximately 10-15% emu oil is needed in the formulation in order to maintain the anti-inflammatory, transdermal and other qualities of the Pure Oil. The percentage of emu oil present in each product is listed.

  • Effectiveness of Product - First we test the products on ourselves, families and friends. Then we sell them from our farm store. We do not sell a product online or in our catalog until we have received numerous testimonials as to its effectiveness.

  • Ingredients - Because of the unique transdermal capabilities of emu oil, we look for products which have as few chemical additives as possible. Aesthetically Pleasing - Balanced against keeping the products as natural as possible we work to find products that are pleasing to the senses

  • Value to the Consumer - Weighing all of the criteria above against final cost to the consumer we work to find products that represent a real value.

What does “All Natural” Mean?

Because of emu oil’s strong trans-dermal properties we believe careful consideration must be given to any formulation additives. Unfortunately, while we look for the most natural, chemical free products we can find, we frequently run into conflicts of pricing value and product effectiveness. According to Dr. Roberta Palestine, who did her residency in dermatology at the Mayo Clinic, “Natural isn't always better. Synthetic isn't necessarily worse. Poison ivy plant oil is natural, but that certainly doesn't make it good," Palestine adds.

"A chemical is a chemical," she says, "what matters is your skin type.” Therefore, we present you with options and a complete list of ingredients on all products. Those products we consider to be “All Natural” are those free of synthetic detergents, artificial preservatives, colors or fragrances; petroleum by-products; tar derivatives or genetically modified ingredients. They are highlighted with “Mr. Cool Smiley Face”.  Cool

As members of the Association for Integrity in Medicine Songline Enterprises LLC has agreed to an industry code of ethical conduct, which includes working toward greener products and manufacturer processes and advocating for verifiable product and eco-claims.   

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