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History of Songline Emu Farm and Songline Enterprises LLC 

stanley-johnson-geri-johnson-dee-dee-mares.jpgWe (Stanley and Geri Johnson and Dee Dee Mares) started Songline Emu Farm in 1995 in Gill, MA. We began raising Emu and selling our Pure Emu Oil and meat through a small farm store and then online in 2005. Over the years, we tested many emu oil products to select the best-of-the-best for our customers. When we couldn't find products that met our quality standards or customers' needs, we worked with local formulators to create our own product lines like Songline Essentials all natural skin care products, DuoFlex Pain Relief products, and Mr. Squigglemire's Multi-Omegas for Pets.

We have all served as active members and officers of the American and New England Emu Associations as we worked to promote the Emu Farming industry in New England. In 2013 the book Amazing Amusing Emus was written about our farm and the American Emu Farming Industry. Our farm focused on a well-documented emu breeding program resulting in multiple bloodlines of exceptionally docile Emu with high egg laying and fertility capabilities and product yields.

In 2015, we decided to scale back and eventually stopped the production of birds to focus on expanding the Songline product line and creating a better shopping experience for our customers. The farm store in Gill is no longer open to the public, and all of our Emu have been relocated to other New England farms.

Where does Songline's Oil come from now?

During our 20 years of farming, we worked to assemble a network of U.S. farmers, many of which were seeded with our bloodlines. These farms all share the same philosophy - humanely raising Emu without using unnecessary antibiotics, chemical pesticides, or herbicides. All farms participate in a superior feed and natural supplement program, focus on genetics, and provide a stress-free environment to produce the highest quality birds. We purchase fat from these small family farms.

How is our Oil processed?

All Songline Emu Oil is processed according to the American Emu Association (AEA) Trade Rules and carries the AEA Certified Fully Refined Seal. Each bottle is batch stamped, and individual batch analysis, done by an American Oil Chemist Society (AOCS) certified chemist, is available on request.

First, the fat is specially handled through a rendering process that ensures color and stability; natural clay, not chemicals, is used to filter the Oil, followed by vacuum deodorizing. Deodorizing brings the Oil to the proper temperature for a specific time to ensure sterilization which removes unwanted microbial particles like viruses and bacteria without sacrificing the Oil's unique properties. The final finishing process ensures a creamy product with no separation.

Always look for the AEA Certified symbol.

How do we choose our products and formulas?

Studies show that a concentration of at least 10-12% emu oil is needed to uphold many anti-inflammatory, super-oxygenation, trans-dermal and other properties of the Oil. Many products are surfacing with as little as 5% emu oil and attempting to claim the full benefits of the Oil.

We carefully select our products based on the following criteria:

  • Quality of Emu Oil - The American Emu Association has established Oil Standards which must be met by any of our formulators. We will not sell any products which contain Emu Oil from outside the USA.
  • Quantity of Emu Oil in the Formula - Studies have shown that approximately 10-12% Emu Oil is needed in the formulation to maintain the anti-inflammatory, transdermal and other qualities of Pure Oil. The percentage of emu oil present in each product is listed.
  • Effectiveness of Product - First, we test the products on ourselves, our families, and friends, then selected customers. We only sell a product online or in our catalog once we receive numerous testimonials on its effectiveness.
  • Ingredients - Because of the unique transdermal capabilities of emu oil, we look for products with as few chemical additives as possible.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing - Balanced against keeping the products as natural as possible, we work to find products pleasing to the senses.
  • Value to the Consumer - We weigh all of the criteria above against the final cost to the consumer to find products that represent real value.

What does "All Natural" Mean?

Because of emu oil's strong trans-dermal properties, careful consideration must be given to any formulation additives. Those products we consider "All Natural" are those free of synthetic detergents, artificial preservatives, colors or fragrances, petroleum by-products, and tar derivatives.

How to Contact Songline

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