Wellness Rewards

Songline’s loyal customers have helped build our business through their repeat business and by spreading the word about Emu Oil’s benefits to friends and family. We want to thank you and encourage you to help us grow so we can bring you new and improved products.  Please use the program to refer your friends - they'll get a $5.00 discount off their order; you will get 500 points (which you can convert into a $5.00 discount), and we get a new customer.  That's called win-win-win!

Here are the basics: 



Wellness Rewards only apply to retail customers (not wholesale) with accounts - not those who choose to check out as guests. So be sure to sign-in to your account before completing your purchase. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive points?

New Sign-Up - 100 Points

If you are a new customer, or if it has been over two years since you purchased, you can sign up for rewards by clicking on the pink icon on the lower right-hand corner and create a new account. Be sure to check the “I’m not a Robot” captcha and wait for the green check mark before you hit "Create an Account". Your rewards account will be automatically set up but will not be credited with 100 points until you process your first order.

 All customers who have purchased from us in the past two years already have accounts and have been credited with 100 starter points.

What do I do if I get the response - “The email address xxxxx@xxxemail.com is already in use. Please enter a different one.”?

Don’t do it. (Sorry, I have no control over that message.) You will lose points you already have. Click on the AllAboutEmu at the top of the page and you will be taken back to the home page. Click on the Rewards Icon again. (Use this anytime you can’t find the Rewards Icon).

Click on Sign-in next to “Already have an account?” and either try signing in with a password you know or click on  "Forgot your password?”. Follow instructions, if you don’t receive an email from customerservice@allaboutemu.com please check your junk mailbox or safety settings to make sure emails from allaboutemu.com come into your main inbox. If you have been placing orders by phone you probably need to do this to reset access to your account. Once you have reset your password go back and sign-in.

If you have problems here contact us and we will help.

Shopping - 4 Points Per Dollar Spent

Once you've placed your order and it has shipped, your Customer Appreciation Reward Points will be credited to your account. For every dollar spent you earn 4 points. Every 100 points equals 1 dollar in rewards. That means spend $100.00, earn 400 points which you can redeem for $4.00 off your next order. 4% return.

Give a Review - 200 points

We send an email  request to post a review 14 days after your order was placed.  Please help us and other customers out by telling us what you think of the products that you receive.  If you respond to the link you will receive 200 points in your account after you file your review. You can also place a review anytime you are on our website, just be sure to sign in first.  

Share on Facebook - 200 Points

Click on Rewards Icon (if you don’t see it always click on the AllAboutEmu banner at the top and you will be taken back to the home page). When signed in you will see your “Rewards Panel” Click “Ways to Earn” then “Share on Facebook”. A small window will open where you can log into your Facebook page, say a few words to your friends and family recommending our website and products. Post your update and you’ll see reward points added to your account immediately. A post will appear on your Facebook Wall with your recommendation and a link to our Facebook page. It is then broadcast to all of your followers.

Like on Facebook - 200 Points

The same process above, but this means that you will follow our Facebook page and some of our posts “may” come through to your Facebook feed. Don’t worry – we are not big posters and everything we post is fascinating.

Celebrating a Birthday? - 500 Points

Tell us your birthday and you will receive 500 points on your birthday every year.   You must enter your birthdate into the program at least 30 days in advance in order to receive points that year.


Referring a friend? - $5.00 Coupon for them, 500 Points for you when redeemed

Please be aware – if your friends have purchased from us in the last two years or signed up for our emails, they will not be able to use the discount – this is a one-time discount for new customers only. Use this to recommend our products to your friends who may not have even heard about emu oil, and earn 500 points. Go to the bottom portion of your “Reward Panel” and click on “Refer Your Friends”. You will be given a link which you can copy and share with others any way you want to (email, social media, blog, website, etc.) When they click on the link it will say that you sent them a gift and if they click on it and provide an email address, they will be emailed a discount code to redeem $5.00 OFF their first order of over $10.00. When they redeem the gift, your account will automatically be posted with 500 points. You can also click on the icons below the link for Facebook, Twitter or Email to send out your gift.

How do I view or redeem my Rewards?


To view or redeem your available Rewards, simply log into your Rewards Account (bottom right corner) and they will be displayed. We call this section your “Rewards Panel”.

Click on “All Rewards” . If you have a reward available click on "Redeem". Remember sign-up rewards aren’t fully applied until after you post your first order). Move the slide up to how many points you want to redeem and click “Redeem”. You will have a store credit immediately applied to your account in the amount you redeemed and it will be applied to your next order, that way you can still use discount codes and redeem rewards at the same time.

Reward Points are only available to redeem for 2 years after issue.

Enjoy – and again Thank You!


The fine print:

Your Wellness Rewards points are accumulated when you purchase eligible goods in the amounts and for the terms as specified with each promotion through the website AllAboutEmu.com. Such promotions are subject to change with or without notice at any time.  Reward points may be used to 'purchase' discount codes for use on future orders.
All points will be eligible for use immediately upon shipping of your order and will expire two (2) years after issue.

For any cancellations of goods purchased using Wellness Rewards discounts or coupons, any allowable refunds will be issued for the cash value actually paid and will not include the value of Wellness Rewards points utilized in obtaining such discounts or coupons.
We also may remove Wellness Rewards from your account if they are posted to your account in connection with an activity that is subsequently voided, canceled or involves a return.

Accrued Wellness Rewards points are not property and do not hold any independent monetary value and may not be combined with any other offer, discount, coupon or promotion. WELLNESS REWARDS CAN NEVER BE CONVERTED TO CASH OR REFUNDED, EVEN UPON CANCELLATION OF YOUR ACCOUNT BY YOU OR TERMINATION OR SUSPENSION OF YOUR ACCOUNT BY US.
Wellness Rewards are not transferable under any conditions, including upon a Participant's death, as part of a domestic relations matter, or in any other matter, and any purported transfer or exchange of Wellness Rewards is null and void.
Accrued Wellness Rewards may not be combined with any other Program Participant's Wellness Rewards points.
All accrued Wellness Rewards will be forfeited upon your withdrawal from or termination of the Program.
If you believe that you have validly obtained any Wellness Rewards that have not posted to your account, then you must contact us within 30 days after the date you claimed to have obtained Wellness Rewards. You acknowledge and agree that we may require reasonable documentation to support your claim and our resolution of your claim after our internal customer service review processes will be considered binding and final by you.
You are responsible for all taxes, liabilities, surcharges and any other fees associated with participation in the Program.