My Hopes For Our New Normal - After COVID-19

My Hopes For Our New Normal - After COVID-19

Posted by Dee Dee Mares, The Emu Lady on Apr 09, 2020

It is said that we shine brightest in the dark, and for many of us, this time of pandemic is the darkest times we have known. The weight of our losses cannot be fully encompassed; the loss of loved ones, of people unknown to us, of the "solid" foundation of our lives. I express my great grief for all of our losses. Yet, in this trial, we are finding an inner resiliency, and if you look about you, you will find many things to observe:

  • Take measure of the slower pace of life, of not rushing from activity to activity
  • Take strength in the bonds you share with your core group of family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers
  • Take heart in the small and large acts of kindness all around us
  • Take joy in the way you feel when helping someone more vulnerable than yourself
  • Find comfort in what you do have and realize the cost of always striving for more
  • Find beauty in what is freely available in a smile, a child's laugh, birdsong, and the strengthening sun

There are also lessons and awakenings here which we need to take with us:

  • We find that walls and borders are nothing more than shared delusions
  • We are all in this together; there is nowhere to run
  • There is no more room for divisive politics, racism, sexism, ageism, nationalism, etc.
  • No use for blame and
  • No better time to accept the critical nature of self-responsibility, for therein lies our power

This spiritual Winter will end, and Spring will come again. I hope we re-emerge as a people of community: more vital, more transparent, and ready to work together to bring a resurrection of moral integrity to our world.