How Do I Use Emu Oil?

How To Use Emu Oil

Emu Oil can be used topically or ingested internally.

Emu Oil Applied Topically

For dry skin and mild rashes, a small amount of pure Emu Oil can be applied directly to the area and lightly spread over the surrounding skin. A drop of Emu Oil will cover an area the size of the back of your hand and up your arm. You do not need to rub Emu Oil in it because it will absorb within a few minutes. Apply as needed.

For minor wounds, burns, and open rashes, remember that while fully refined Emu Oil is bacteriostatic (inhibits growth and reproduction of bacteria), it is not antibacterial (does not kill them). You must be sure that the area is clean first. Then pure Emu Oil can be introduced by dropping it right on the site or applying it with a sterile swab or applicator.

Emu Oil Ingested

Emu Oil has numerous benefits when taken internally. It is recommended that you ingest emu oil using Gel Caps. The Gel Caps allow the oil to pass through the stomach and are then released in the upper intestinal tract, where absorption is optimized. If you have trouble with Gel Caps, you can ingest Emu Oil from the bottle. However, it is highly recommended that you use AEA-certified oil only and keep it in the refrigerator to extend its shelf life. 1500 mg (recommended dosage) is approximately 1/3 of a teaspoon.

Emu Oil Combined With Other Products

Emu Oil's ability to penetrate through skin and hair barriers enhances the ability of any product to which it is added. Mix Emu Oil with topical creams, hair products, and even hair dye to increase penetration.


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