How Is Your Emu Oil Processed?

Emu Oil Refining Equipment

Songline USA Processed Oil

Songline Emu Oil is processed using a physical refining process. First the fat, which was immediately vacuum sealed and frozen at the FDA meat processing plant, is rendered and filtered. Then the oil from the rendering is treated with natural clays (rather than harsh chemicals) under low absolute pressure at high temperatures. Impurities, pigments, and bacteria are absorbed into these clays and then removed through filtration.

The next step is a Vacuum Deodorizer. The Vacuum Deodorizer brings the oil to proper temperatures to ensure sterilization, removing bacteria and other impurities. This technology is widely used in food processing and has a long history of being the most effective and efficient method of producing a safe, sterile, consumable product.

Being from an animal source, it is very important that emu oil is brought up to an acceptable temperature for a period of time to ensure that any viruses, infections or bacteria that may have been picked up at the meat processing plant or other sources are removed. 

The final proprietary process finishes the oil to ensure a creamy product with no separation. The whole process is done under GMP (General Manufacturing Practices) for food products.

All of our emu oil is processed according to the AEA Trade Rules and carries the American Emu Association Certified Fully Refined Seal.