Luxe Detangling Creme Rinse

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Songline Luxe Emu Oil Detangling Creme Rinse and Leave-In Treatment

No Sulfates, Parabens, Silicones, Artificial Dyes or Perfumes

This Natural Creme Rinse with Emu Oil and organic Aloe Vera juice will help grow your hair by reducing torn locks during combing and strengthening the hair shaft with natural proteins and fatty acids. The resulting silky smoothness allows even the curliest hair to be combed without tangling and breaking while the delivery of deep moisturizers and nutrients thickens and strengthens your hair all day long while repairing split ends.

Detangle the curliest hair as a Creme Rinse - Tame the wildest hair as a Leave-In Treatment

The blend of Pure Emu Oil and high-quality fatty alcohols derived from natural vegetable oils replenish the hair's lipid content for the exceptional body, spring, shine, manageability and detangling. Prevents frizz, loosen tangles, and protect hair from sun, surf, and heated tools.

As with all of the Luxe Hair Care products; we have added our specific blend of Organic Essential Oils (Rosemary, Lavender, Thyme, and Cedarwood) shown to increase hair regrowth in patients suffering from Alopecia Areata. These oils, when combined with Emu Oil (also shown to improve hair regrowth in clinical studies), offer a powerful solution for problems with thinning hair. The success of growing a full head of hair is based first on healthy hair follicles capable of creating a strong hair shaft; then moisturizing and protecting that hair shaft against breakage. This formula addresses both problems. A must for hair that:

  • Is thinning
  • Has been dyed, straightened or permed
  • Is dry and breaks easily resulting in split ends and frizz
  • Is frequently subjected to sun, wind, and water
  • Is regularly styled using hot tools

What this is formulated with:

Emu Oil (US Farms): This highest-grade emu oil easily penetrates the scalp taking our hair growth-promoting essential oil blend directly to the hair's root. Once at the root, Emu Oil acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory and circulation boosters that stimulates the hair's natural growing ability.

Organic Aloe Vera Gel: naturally protects hair from the environment, while natural proteins and fatty acids strengthen the hair shaft.

Behentrimonium Methosulfate: is an exceptionally mild detangling ingredient that is derived from non-genetically modified rapeseed oil. It is not what is commonly referred to as a "bad" sulfate in hair care products. Those sulfates, which include sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate, are harsh detergents that are not present in any of our hair care products.

Panthenol: This vitamin is often referred to as Pro-Vitamin B5, a natural constituent of hair. It imparts long-lasting moisture and strengthens the hair shaft while preventing damage caused by heated tools and the environment. It conditions hair without build-up and reduces the formation of split ends.

Jojoba oil: (From the desert Southwest), actually a wax that's very similar to our own sebum, excellent scalp tonic, promotes healthy shine.

Olive Oil: We use only organic "live" olive oil imported from Italy. This remarkable oil (the most expensive on the market today) comes from rare olives that grow at exceptionally high altitudes in the Tuscan mountains. The fruits are harvested by hand and cold-pressed using a unique "Live Oil" method that keeps the antioxidant polyphenol content remarkably high. This high concentration of antioxidants destroys free radicals (caused by tobacco smoke, alcohol, stress, lack of sleep and pollution) that can damage scalp cell membranes and lead to scalp problems, hair loss, and slow growth. When massaged into the scalp, the polyphenols help promote a healthier scalp, faster hair growth, and greater hair thickness.

Hyaluronic Acid: naturally occurring carbohydrate HA is one of the most hydrophilic (water-loving) molecules in nature with numerous benefits for the human body it can be described as "nature's moisturizer".

Keratin, Wheat and Soy Proteins: To strengthen the hair shaft

Essential Oils Complex: are the volatile oils obtained from the stems, leaves, roots, and flowers of plants. We use a particular combination of organic essential oils that includes Rosemary, Thyme, Lavender, and Cedarwood a combination that has been proven to regrow hair in patients suffering from Alopecia Areata.

Cetearyl Alcohol and Benzyl Alcohol: These are not the "drying" alcohols you may think of. Instead, they are Fatty Alcohols - lubricants and emollients that help bind water in the hair to prevent frizz and give a soft, velvety texture.

Natural Vitamin E Oil (Tocopherol): Certified GMO-free. Acts as a powerful antioxidant for hair and scalp, as well as a natural preservative that keeps our products fresh and extends the shelf life.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:

  • Minoxidil
  • Sulfates
  • Parabens
  • Petrochemicals like Mineral Oil
  • Silicones
  • Glycols
  • Solvents 
  • Artificial Fragrance or Dyes

Songline's Luxe hair care products are mixed and bottled by hand using the most natural, organic ingredients possible. We believe in using natural, organic ingredients in our hair care products because the scalp is porous, (it's skin, after all), and it's able to carry ingredients directly to the bloodstream. You wouldn't eat products with sulfates, parabens, petrochemicals or silicones and you shouldn't put them on your hair, either. We've gone one step further and have banned the use of artificial colors and fragrances in our products because they can cause allergic reactions in some people.

Just like the Native Americans before us, we believe certain animal products can be extremely beneficial to the human race as long as they're created and used with respect. The animal products we use in our hair care include silk amino acids, marine collagen, and fully refined emu oil - all fantastic ingredients for promoting healthy hair growth. 

Full Ingredients: organic aloe vera gel, water, behentrimonium methosulfate, cetearyl alcohol, hydrolyzed wheat protein, wheat oligosaccharides, panthenol, emu oil, hydrolyzed wheat protein, linoleic acid, linolenic acid, hyaluronic acid, sorbitol, wheat germ oil, jojoba oil, organic rosemary essential oil, organic lavender essential oil, organic thyme essential oil, organic cedarwood essential oil, organic orange essential oil, tocopherol, dehydroacetic acid, benzyl alcohol.