Redness and Blemish Relief

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Emu Oil Cream for Rosacea - Redness and Blemish Relief

We now private label this cream directly from the manufacturer.  Same exact formula as Purple Emu Redness and Blemish Control.

You are 30 days away from clear healthy skin - or your money back!

If you are suffering from red blotchy, inflamed skin from Rosacea or Acne we highly recommend this cream. The Emu Oil base deeply moisturizes as it delivers the calming and antibacterial properties of tea tree, chamomile, green tea and more. Customers who have struggled with prescription creams and other treatments for years, finally find clear skin with this product.

No more need for chemicals or antibiotics with this 100% natural formulation.  Redness and Blemish Relief contains all natural ingredients with the synergistic base of Emu Oil. 

One light application at bedtime is all you need. It is very concentrated, with 100% active ingredients so a small jar lasts a long time. For more information on how Emu Oil helps with Rosacea and Acne.

What do these All Natural Ingredients do?

Emu Oil: increases blood flow and oxidation at the cellular level to optimize the overall health of your skin; it delivers moisture without clogging the pores; and is loaded with collagen, elastins and nutrients to boost the generation of new skin cells; and as a transdermal carrier it encapsulates the other ingredients and delivers them deep to underlying skin where they are most effective.

Borage Seed Oil: From the plant Borago officinalis. Borage oil is one of the richest sources of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). GLA is part of an essential fatty acid the body requires for repair. Used in skin care borage soothes damaged, irritated tissues and promotes healthy skin growth. Jojoba Oil: pressed from the seeds and nuts of the jojoba plant this oil helps regulate the skins production of sebum (what you see as oil on your skin). Sulfur: naturally occurring element which quickens the shedding of dead skin cells which block pores that cause acne.

Zinc Oxide: Natural mineral used in sunscreen and has shown to be beneficial in treating eczema, rashes and reducing scarring. In acne treatments its role is primarily to reduce oil which clogs pores.

Tea Tree Oil: contains broad-spectrum anti-microbial and anti-fungal activities, with perfect penetrating properties and low incidence of skin irritation.

White Willow Extract: contains salicin which your body converts to salicylic acid - the same benefits as aspirin - anti-inflammatory, fever reducer, analgesic and astringent.

Arnica: commonly called leopard's bane, arnica works by stimulating the activity of white blood cells that perform the digestion of congested blood, and by dispersing trapped disorganized fluids from bumped, bruised tissue in inflamed muscles and joints. It is also anti-bacterial and has been shown to improve wound healing as well as reducing pain and swelling.

Chamomile: herbal extract used for soothing irritated, inflamed skin and its ability to soften troubled skin.

Marigold: has long been used in herbal healing for its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral compounds. In cosmetics it is also hydrating and helps tissue to regenerate.

Burdock: traditionally used for a wide variety of conditions, including chronic skin ailments and arthritis. It has strong anti-inflammatory and anti-infective properties. Burdock root is also considered a blood cleaners and detoxifying agent.

Aloe Vera: extract of the aloe vera leaf that contains excellent hydrating, softening and soothing properties. Source of allantoin which softens skin.

Camphor: a cooling agent used to help alleviate itching and irritation in many skin care products. Purges the skin of toxins, absorbs excess oiliness, is antibacterial and produces a mild local anesthetic action.

Eucalyptus: used as an anti-inflammatory agent and also to stimulate skin metabolism Vitamin E: plant-derived Vitamin E acts as a powerful antioxidant for skin, hair, and scalp, as well as a natural preservative that keeps our products fresh and extends the shelf life. Green Tea: contains high levels of substances called polyphenols, known to be strong anti-oxidant and anti-carcinogenic. In cosmetics it is most often used for its ability to reduce swelling and puffiness.

Hear what our customers have to say I have to say

"A huge thank you regarding the Blemish Control I received. I have been battling rosacea and acne for over 15 years and within a week I noticed a huge difference!!! It is a wonderful product that has greatly increased my self-esteem Your Redness and Blemish Control has completely cleared up my awful case of acne is truly unbelievable...a miracle if you ask me."

"I am thrilled with your product and I was very skeptical because I had tried so many different things. I was able to stop using antibiotics for rosacea after using Redness and Blemish Control. Initially twice daily in very small amounts and decreased to once daily. It is a great product. I have been using this product for about a year and a half with great success. I was able to stop using a prescription gel for treatment of rosacea and find the emu product to work as well and better than the prescription. I will certainly continue to use this product."

100% Natural Ingredients: Dromaius (Emu) Oil, Borage Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sulfur, Zinc Oxide, Tea Tree Oil, White Willow Bark Extract, Arnica, Chamomile, Marigold, Burdock, Aloe Vera, Camphor, Eucalyptus, Vitamin E, Green Tea.

Directions: Redness and Blemish Relief is most effective when only a very small amount is applied. Using too much, conversely can actually dry the skin.  In the case of a severe outbreak of blemishes, use of the Redness and Blemish Relief may result in the appearance of increased redness and inflammation for the FIRST 2 TO 7 DAYS OF USE. This is the infection coming out of your pores, and should not alarm you.  

After seven days, you will see significant clearing of the skin. In cases of rash, the results are quite rapid and you should see clearing in a matter of one or two days. Please give Redness and Blemish Relief a 30 day test because results may vary. After your skin has cleared, continue to use a very small amount at bedtime as a preventative, to prevent recurrence on the areas you normally would have a flare-up.

Warning: some of the ingredients which work the most (camphor, eucalyptus, sulfur and tea tree oil) can also cause irritation.  If you think you are experiencing an allergic reaction please discontinue use immediately.

We also recommend using pure emu oil as part of your daily facial routine to optimize the overall health and appearance of your skin. Most topical treatments used today are NOT effective, or in many cases, can cause further skin irritation instead of healing the problem. In many cases, antibiotics are the only recourse, but with the use of Redness and Blemish Relief, positive effects are apparent usually within three days of the start of treatment.

***These statements are not intended as medical advice and have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.