Songline Anti-Aging Face Care Kit

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Songline Anti-Aging Face Care Kit

Everything you need for anti-aging, glowing skin care in a travel ready case.

Our Face Care Kit will give you a taste of our most popular products to deeply moisturize and nourish your face, while reducing signs of aging.   Unscented or New Cucumber Waters Natural Scent. These kits make great gifts and are easy to throw in your suitcase for travel. 

The trial size comes with a zippered bag for easy packing, the full size kit comes without a bag.

Each kit includes:

Songline Emu Oil and Goat Milk Soap   (Trial 1 oz, Full Size 3.6oz)  Unscented or Cucumber Waters Scent

Legend states Cleopatra bathed in goat milk every day to retain her beautiful skin. Facts show that goat milk lowers the PH of soap making it closer to that of healthy human skin and contains skin nourishing compounds. When combined with emu and coconut oils it creates a rich, creamy soap that is perfect for sensitive skin; rosacea; acne; eczema; psoriasis and other skin problems without SLS, parabens or chemical additives to cause irritation.

Songline Polishing Face Scrub (Trial 1 oz, Full Size 4 oz) Unscented or Cucumber Waters Scent

Gently exfoliate and deeply moisturize your face with our foaming Brown Sugar Face Scrub. Brown Sugar is not only a gentle exfoliant for your face, but it is also great source of glycolic acid which is the smallest alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA). Because of its small size, these molecules can penetrate deep into the skin to  loosen the bonds between skin cells, and help promote new cell growth

Songline Face Cream (Trial 1 oz, Full Size 4 ozUnscented or Cucumber Waters Scent

Restore a healthy, balanced, glowing complexion. This Omega-rich yet lightweight face cream calms redness, soothes irritation, and deeply hydrates dry damaged skin. While we created this formula primarily for sensitive skin, the nourishing, simple formula will improve the condition of all skin types. For people with sensitive skin, the fewer ingredients in your products, the better. Synthetic fragrances, drying alcohol, and preservatives can all be common irritants. This moisturizer—made with Emu, Argon, and Jojoba Oils, boosted with antioxidant-rich Chamomile and Calendula extracts and Vitamin E has everything you need and nothing you don't.

Songline Pure Emu Oi(Trial 1 oz, Full Size 2 oz) Only Unscented

The benefits of Emu Oil are numerous. The oil assists your body at such a basic level that it impacts numerous processes that are essential for good health. When Songline Pure Emu Oil is applied topically it delivers omega oils similar to your skin's composition, antioxidants, collagen, elastin, and anti-inflammatory compounds to moisturize and soothe dry and troubled skin. It also encourages and supports new skin cell growth.

Songline Emu and Honey Lip "Bomb" - (.15 oz size) Unflavored or Lavender Mint Flavor in the Scented Kit

This simple creamy petroleum-free Emu Oil Lip Balm/Bomb offers all-natural nourishment and protection. Primarily made for your lips it can also be easily applied to nails, cuticles and dry cracked skin. While petroleum-based lip balms slick your lips and make them feel moist, they are actually drying the tissue forcing you to reapply constantly.