The Benefits of Bathing in Hot Springs (or Your Bathtub)

The Benefits of Bathing in Hot Springs (or Your Bathtub)

Posted by Dee Dee Mares on Dec 09, 2022

The comfort of soaking in hot water has been a draw since our first ancestor stumbled upon (or into) a hot spring. Imagine relaxing into that warmth and steam; breathe deep and slow. Ahhh!!!

Not only do your muscles soften and joints loosen, but when you immerse yourself in warm water, the volume of blood in your chest cavity and your heart increases dramatically. This increase is due to hydrostatic pressure on your body and the effects of being in a buoyant state: Your heart's ability to pump blood goes up, while at the same time, your heart rate goes down. Your cardiovascular system becomes far more efficient, affecting every human body function, including the brain.

Meanwhile, neurons respond to increases in body temperature and key the release of serotonin, "the happiness molecule." As you adjust to the warming effect of the water around you, you begin to experience lowered stress levels.

In addition to the warmth, many naturally occurring hot springs are super rich in minerals and sulfur compounds. These substances relieve muscle aches, spasms, cramps, arthritis, and skin rashes, and affect mood. No wonder Hot Springs tourism in the United States boomed in the 1900s and continues today.

What are the benefits of minerals found in hot springs?

  • Boron: is excellent for speeding up and improving wound healing through specific action on the most common enzymes in animal tissues – collagenase, alkaline phosphatase, and elastase also activates fibroblasts of the skin and tissues. It helps manage arthritis and osteoporosis and boosts brain activity.
  • Bromide: acts to ease muscle stiffness and relax muscles.
  • Calcium: stored in the outermost layer of the skin, regulates sebum production to keep skin hydrated and eczema free. Keratinocytes are the primary type of cell found in the epidermis. Calcium plays a significant role in "keratinocytes differentiation," a complex procedure that helps to maintain a strong skin barrier. Dysfunction or degradation of the skin barrier can be a primary factor in many inflammatory skin diseases, including atopic dermatitis and psoriasis.
  • Chloride: is one of the most predominant electrolytes (minerals in your body that have an electric charge) and is essential for the proper balance of body fluids. It helps maintain adequate blood volume, blood pressure, and pH.
  • Iron: increases resistance to stress and disease and prevents fatigue while promoting healthy skin, hair, and nails. Iron deficiencies can prolong skin healing and cause muscle fatigue and cramps.
  • Magnesium: decreases stress and anxiety, triggering eczema and psoriasis flareups, and decreases inflammation to speed healing. Low magnesium levels can create a buildup of lactic acid, which is known to cause post-workout pain, tightness, and muscle cramps.
  • Phosphorus: is one of 16 essential minerals that the body needs to function normally. It is critical for energy storage and metabolism. It assists in kidney, muscle, and nerve function. Bone pain, fragile bones, stiff joints, fatigue, irregular breathing, irritability, numbness, and weakness are signs of phosphorus deficiency.
  • Potassium: eliminates toxins and promotes healthy skin. It is vital for heart and kidney health to reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • Sodium: decreases inflammation in swollen joints and can help the lymphatic system and nerve and muscle function.
  • Sulfur: is well-known for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties; it is used to treat eczema, rosacea, and acne. Also known for relieving muscle and joint pain.
  • Zinc: has anti-inflammatory properties and helps increase the resurfacing of a skin wound with new epithelium (a component of your skin).

Unfortunately, many of us don't live near thermal springs or have the time to travel to them. However, we can still enjoy the benefits of enhancing our bathwater with specific oils and minerals. Songline has created a new line of Bath Salts harnessing the mineral content of Epsom, Dead Sea, Himalayan Salts, or MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane).

We enhanced them with the power of Emu, Arnica, and Sea Buckthorn Oils. Then finished them with Specific Essential Oil Blends:

Songline Bath Salts

German (Blue) Chamomile, Tea Tree, Bergamot and Patchouli Oils; (Repair- Restore to improve troubled skin.)

Eucalyptus, Ginger Root, Peppermint, and Lemongrass Oil; (Relieve - Rejuvenate to soothe muscles and joints.)

Clary Sage, Lavender, Bergamot, and Frankincense Oils; (Relax- Refresh to improve mental and emotional health);

Now imagine sinking into a warm bath with your favorite Bath Salts. Breathe slow and deep. Ahhhhh!