​COVID-19  Mask Dermatitis and Emu Oil

​COVID-19 Mask Dermatitis and Emu Oil

Posted by Dee Dee Mares on Oct 20, 2020

As the pandemic continues and worsens in many areas the effectiveness of masks in controlling the spread of the virus has become apparent to most people. Yes, masks are annoying; yes, they can feel hot and confining; and yes, prolonged use can lead to acne and rosacea breakouts; rashes and other skin problems. But ... they may save your life and the lives of those you love. So, let’s all please agree on this and wear them.

The masks most of us are wearing daily to the grocery store or out in public are lightweight and cause little problem unless your skin is very sensitive. However, for those within the medical and first responder fields, many of the medical grade masks are worn tighter, for longer periods of time and additionally some have been shown to off gas formaldehyde released from resins in the material, causing additional problems. Read more …

How Songline’s Pure Emu Oil and Emu Oil Products Can Help

The good news is that if you have a bottle of Emu Oil in your medicine cabinet you can solve rash and acne problems quickly.

Dr Anna Lien-Lun Chien, M.D., dermatologist in the Johns Hopkins Department of Dermatology was recently quoted in a release from John Hopkins as saying …

“If you’re concerned about breakouts, I recommend gentle, mild soaps and water for your face, nothing scented or antibacterial,” Chien says. “Try a good, bland moisturizer at night."

“For anyone who starts to get irritation on their facial skin, use a barrier cream or spray, such as petroleum jelly or zinc oxide,” Chien says. “I like diaper cream, because you’re pretty much addressing the same issue as diaper irritation: irritated, raw, sore skin due to a warm, wet environment. Read more …

Pure Emu Oil applied to your face, especially before bed time, will help deeply moisturize and rebalance your skin; relieve inflammation and allow skin to “breathe”. We have had many reports from customers in the medical field who are able to quickly alleviate red, raised areas where their mask was in tight, close contact with their face.

Songline Body Wash is an all-natural emu oil and goat milk unscented liquid soap that will gently cleanse and soothe your face without stripping natural oils.

Songline Body Butter combines Emu Oil, Mango Butter, Coconut and Sweet Almond Oil with Beeswax, Manuka Honey and Vitamin E Oil. This formulation was originally designed as a diaper cream but the product soon showed how useful it was for all kinds of irritations. While most people will see a remarkable difference with just the Body Wash and Pure Emu Oil, for those experiencing a more severe irritation I highly recommend Songline Body Butter as a barrier cream instead of petroleum jelly or zinc oxide.

So, pull that Emu Oil off the shelf, order some Songline Body Wash and Body Butter and take one small issue from this novel Corona Virus off the list. Our Skin Care Kit will give you small trial sizes of all of these products. If only some of the other issues could be so easily solved. Stay safe, be well and wear a mask.