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Songline 100% Pure Emu Oil - AEA Certified 100% Pure Emu Oil - AEA Certified

Emu Oil  from small family farms in the USA, certified by the American Emu Association after lab testing on each batch. Consider it a nutritional supplement for your skin.

DuoFlex Emu Oil Multi-Omega Capsules Gel Caps DuoFlex Multi-Omegas

Get the health benefits of Emu Oil's Omegas- 3, 6, 7, 9 and other bio-nutrients to address chronic inflammation, maintain cardiovascular health, promote a healthy digestive tract and immune system.

DuoFlex Emu Oil Topical Pain Relief Cream DuoFlex Topical Pain Relief Cream BOGO Sale

Try this topical pain relief cream and you'll feel the fast relief you need for sore muscles and joints.

Price: $26.00

Natural Emu Oil Rosacea Cream Redness and Blemish Control

Red blotchy, inflamed skin from Rosacea be gone. You are 30 days away from clear healthy skin - or your money back!

Songline Body Silk - Emu Oil Lotion Songline Body Silk - Emu Oil Lotion

All-natural, fragrance-free, hypo-allergenic  lotion  with Emu, Seabuckthorn and Meadowfoam oils.  Made to nourish, moisturize and comfort sensitive skin.

Songline Luxe Emu Oil Detangling Creme Rinse Songline Luxe Detangling Creme Rinse

Detangling Creme Rinse allows the curliest hair to be combed without tangling and breaking while the delivery of deep moisturizers and nutrients thickens and strengthens you hair repairing split ends.

Songline  Luxe Emu Oil Shampoo Songline Luxe Emu Oil Shampoo

Rich creamy all natural formula that lathers beautifully without harsh detergents.  Babassu and Emu Oils nourish your hair. Sulfate-free, color-safe for all hair types.

Songline Luxe Emu Oil Hair Repair Conditioner Songline Luxe Hair Repair Conditioner

Marula and Emu Oil combine to give deep moisturizing hair repair to damaged hair.

Songline Luxe Emu Oil Hair Product Kits Songline Luxe Hair Care Product Kits

Kit includes one Luxe Shampoo, one Detangling Cr�me Rinse and one Deep Conditioning Hair Repair.  Trial Sizes or Full.

Songline Emu Oil and Manuka Honey Body Butter Songline Body Butter

Great for rashes (especially diaper rash), cracked heels, bed sores and ulcers, split cuticles, finger tips and severely dry lips and more.

Super Rich All Natural Emu  Oil Moisturizing Cream Super Rich Moisturizer

Rehydrate your skin and and stimulate the collagen fiber network to regain tone and firmness. With a 40% Emu Oil base, plus plant oils and other natural anti-aging and anti-oxident ingredients.

DuoFlex Emu Oil Pain Relief System DuoFlex Pain Relief System

Inside-out approach designed to help you break the pain cycle and get moving comfortably again.

Price: $48.00
Sale Price: $38.00

Mr Squigglemires Emu Oil & Camalina Oil for Dogs and Cats Mr Squigglemires Emu Oil Multi-Omegas for Pets

End itchy dog problems fast. Blend of Fully Refined Emu Oil and Organic Camelina Oil provides a healthy balance of fatty acids and other bio-nutrients critical to your pets coat, heart and joints.

Natural Emu Oil Antifungal Cream Natural Antifungal Cream

Pure Emu Oil penetrates deep and delivers natural Anti-Fungal ingredients deep to soothe the itching, cracking, burning, irritation of fungal infections and promote new skin and nail growth in one step.

Songline Emu Oil Sugar Scrub Songline Brown Sugar Scrub

Gentle Brown Sugar and Emu Oil scrub exfoliates the top layer of dead skin cells, increases circulation and rejuvenates your skin leaving your skin smooth, supple, refreshed and glowing.

Country Devine Natural Rejuvenating Conditioner Country Devine Natural Rejuvenating Conditioner Rosemary-Mint

Restore your hair's vitality and replenish lost nutrients with this silky conditioner. Free of parabens, SLS and gluten proteins.

Price: $17.50

Country Devine Natural Shampoo Country Devine Natural Deep Cleansing Shampoo

For itchy scalp and dry hair. Free of parabens, SLS and gluten proteins all of which are irritating to the scalp and undermine the overall health of hair follicles.

Amazing Amusing Emus Amazing Amusing Emus Book

This book highlights the activites of our farm, Songline Emu Farm in Western MA.

Price: $22.00
All Natural Emu Psoriasis Cream All Natural Psoriasis Cream

Psoriasis Cream is an all natural emu oil based product, free of steroids and coal tar.

Price: $30.00

Songline Emu Oil Salt Scrub Songline Salt Scrub

Cast off  dry, dead skin cells with this Sea Salt and Emu Oil exfoliate. The minerals in Sea Salts are great for eczema and psoriasis.

Emu Oil and Organic Honey All Natural Lip Balm Songline Emu Oil and Honey "Bomb" - Balm

We call this balm the "bomb" (slang for really good). Simple creamy petroleum free balm made with Pure Emu Oil, Organic Honey, Vitamin E and Beeswax for lips, nails, cuticles and dry cracked skin.

Price: $5.00

Natural Emu Oil Blemish Control Cream Natural Blemish Control Cream

No need for harsh chemicals or antibiotics to fight acne.  Emu Oil delivers all natural ingredients leaving skin looking clear and healthy.

Gift Certificate Gift Certificate

Give a gift that shows you care.  Any denomination you like.

Mzone Mega Pain Therapy - Roll On Mzone Mega Pain Therapy

Emu Oil based Mzone MEGAPAIN Therapy quickly masks the pain associated with: muscle pulls, backaches, nerve damage and other short term pain issues.

Price: $24.00