Use Your Emu Oil Products to Transform Hobbit Feet into Pretty Feet

Use Your Emu Oil Products to Transform Hobbit Feet into Pretty Feet

Posted by Dee Dee Mares on Aug 30, 2022

I'm not sure why, but when my feet look good - I feel good - all over.  Schedule 20 minutes of quiet time, light a candle, put on some spa music, and treat your feet.

  1. If you use nail polish, remove it.

  2. Take a nice warm foot bath - you can use a foot spa, a simple plastic tub or pan, or a full bath. Consider adding Epsom Salts, Sea Salts, Apple Cider Vinegar, or try our Relieve-Rejuvenate Bath Salts (a couple of spoonfuls in a foot soak). Keep your feet submerged for at least 10 minutes; 20 is better.

  3. When your feet are nice and soft, you can remove dead skin. There are several tools you can use - a pumice stone like the BE-LAEV Foot Pumice works well because it has a coarse and fine side, and you can throw it out after a few uses (more hygienic) or for a more significant build-up of dead skin a Foot Rasp or File will do a better job. Remember, if you have diabetes or poor circulation, you should never use sharp tools that can cut or damage the skin, which could lead to severe injuries and infections. Consult your doctor on this.

  4. Tackle your cuticles. You can use tools from a podiatrist kit, but both health and pedicure professionals advise not to cut cuticles. It's too easy to slice or rip them, which is very painful. If you push the softened cuticles back with your thumbnail, you can later buff them when dry and gently sand rough edges away.

  5. Dry your feet thoroughly (between the toes to avoid fungus) and take a moment to give them a nice massage. Place your right foot on top of your left thigh. Using both hands, rotate your foot in a circular motion to loosen the ankle. Place one hand on top of your foot and the other on your sole. Rub your hands back and forth across your foot and ankle in short brisk strokes to stimulate circulation. Wrap both hands around your foot, with thumbs meeting at the bottom of your sole move your thumbs in rhythmic, kneading circles across the arch and heel, back to the sole, then sweep them up to the toes and gently pull—switch feet.

  6. The big controversy - trim your nails wet or dry? Some say wet nails may be likely to tear, bend, or not cut smoothly because they're softer when wet. But, for those with thicker toenails cutting after soaking will be easier. Either way, cut your toenails straight across to avoid painful ingrown nails. It may take two cuts to do this. Use an emery board to smooth edges and corners that could snag.

  7. If you have a nail buff, fine foot rasp, or pumice stone you may find that you can gently "dry polish" your feet when they are fully dry to make them ultra smooth.

  8. Now moisturize or treat. If you're having problems with foot fungus treat your feet or nails with an Anti-Fungal Cream; if your nails, cuticles or heals are brittle and cracking, rub Body Butter in to keep them soft; or use a nice Body Lotion.

  9. If you want to continue with nail polish wait a half hour for skin and nails to dry and absorb any oils fully. Consider giving your nails "polish vacations" from time to time. Applying Body Butter daily to the nail and cuticle will help strengthen them.

  10. Enjoy.

Between full treatments try using our Dead Sea Salt Scrub during a shower or bath to help maintain those soft feet and then put these Gel Socks on for 20 minutes while relaxing.  You won't believe the difference.