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AC13 Emu Oil for Your Hail and Scalp
Last Updated: 09/01/2018

Emu Oil for Your Hair and Scalp

Your scalp is very thin and has minimal subcutaneous tissue compared to skin over other parts of the body. Blood flow delivers oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicle and the lymphatic system removes excess fluid, waste, and debris. If the scalp becomes irritated and inflamed the blood and lymphatic systems’ access to the hair follicle is limited resulting in a decline in the health of the hair shaft and the potential for hair loss. New skin cell generation also slows down and the scalp thins further resulting in a vicious cycle of decline.

Emu Oil can break this cycle and bring renewed strength to the hair follicle. Many people report substantial hair regrowth after rubbing a small amount of emu oil into their scalp regularly and using all natural (free of SLS, parabens and other irritating chemicals) emu oil based hair care products.

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